New Jake Needham Book – The Ambassador’s Wife

Jake Needham has a new book - The Ambassaodor's Wife
Is a Serial Killer flying around Asia?

I joined Jake’s mailing list the other day and so far I’ve been happy I did. First was an overview of the terrorist warning fiasco – which I found really interesting. Then a plug for his new book, “The Ambassador’s Wife” – which is set in Singapore and Thailand, and looks to be quite interesting. Dead bodies turning up across Asia. The result of a serial killer terrorizing all of  Asia?

I do like the format of this recent newsletter – you can see here. He took actual photos of places that are mentioned in the book. That’s cool.

When I first started writing ebooks I had the same thing in mind – but, I was going to actually put them in the ebook. I thought it would make things so much more real for readers. Sure the books were fiction, but many of the places and even characters – are real people. I thought that would be an interesting spin on plain-text ebooks.

However, the problem becomes… photos in your ebook increase the bandwidth at Amazon for everyone that buys a book. Amazon charges some pretty outrageous rates to send your ebook to someone – so, a book full of photos will cost 50cents or more just to send. That’s 50 cents less that I get.

So, that’s a book full of photos you don’t get.


Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Jake’s books – I strongly suggest you do. I’ve read many of the excerpts from his books and I’ll buy one soon too. Just need to find some time to do some reading. That, and I have about 14 free full ebooks from Joe Konrath, sitting on my iPhone Kindle reader that I haven’t been able to get to either.


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