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Meditation without Religion, 22 Day Course

I meditated quite a bit for a year in the vipassana style. I had some nice experiences, even getting in what Buddhists call “jhana states”. I don’t get much out of religion but meditation changed my life.

I decided to create a short 22 day meditation course showing the basic physical steps of meditation on the breath. Few courses do this as they are predominantly Buddhist based and suffused with Buddhist terminology and religion which to me is a nice philosophy of life, but not anything I cared to practice by following a set of rules.

This link will take you to Thailand EBooks where you can download this file for free! Enjoy –

Meditation without Religion, a FREE 22 day program. 75 pages, illustrated.

One thought on “Meditation without Religion, 22 Day Course

  • November 29, 2013 at 9:08 am

    Sir i will like to know whether you are arranging camps for teaching your style of meditation


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