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New Krabi Cave Tour – 3 Hours of Underground Fun!

I was speaking to a friend last night who told me about a massive cave that exists at the base of a mountain, and nobody explores it. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding. He’s NOT. We are going in two days to explore it and get all the crucial details so you can come and see it too.

AVAILABILITY: Dry season only. Between the months of December to May. Reason being, with heavy rain, the cave water level can rise quickly – trapping spelunkers (cave explorers) in the cave. So, this is not something you’d want to attempt during the rainy season!

LENGTH: Hundreds of meters long! I mean, KILOMETERS long.

CLOTHING: Pants or shorts and t-shirt. Running or lightweight hiking shoes. You will get wet up to your waist.

TOUR REGISTRATION: 3,900 per person; 5,800 for two persons; 6,900 for three persons.


If you are interested in our cave tour during other months, see this page about Khao Phung Caves, which are open year-round.

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