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ALL Hostage Dramas Should End Like This

There’s a  couple of things I feel very strongly about. Only a couple. They’re about very harsh subjects for most people. I don’t know what happened in my background, growing up… but, revenge… or, eye for an eye, is something I believe in with every ounce of my being.

As I said, I haven’t the slightest idea where that came from… but it could have been from my little brother getting away with murder as he ruined everything I had, methodically, like a little Tasmanian Devil. I never seemed to get him back as solidly as I wanted to…

Anyway, on to happier subjects. Hostage dramas.

Hostage dramas piss me off pretty solid. A friend living in Hawaii, Christian – the lucky bastard – sent me this 6 photo series. Apparently it’s a hostage drama going down in China. The guy taking the hostage looks to be about 40. Is that a kid with him he’s threatening to pull out the window? It’s all conjecture of course, I don’t know what’s going on really. The guy could be saving the kid from a mob of witch hunters that saw the kid eat a bat or something – but, in my mind… this is a hostage drama where the guy is threatening to pull the kid out the window with him as he jumps if anyone gets close.

He’s giving everyone 3 seconds to act on whatever ridiculous demands he came up with.

What he was in fact doing was giving himself 3 seconds left of life. This guy was no braniac, obviously. The Chinese swat guy came right around that pillar and wacked him execution style.

Sweet like.

This is what I want to happen to all dumbasses that take hostages. This is justice I applaud.

Cheers to the Chinese, we don’t see enough of this in America.

A while back there was a hostage drama on TV – in Thailand – forget what exactly it was about – but, the Thai SWAT guy nailed a guy that was holding a knife to a child – sitting on the ground. Gotta find that – maybe it was YouTube. Anyone remember that one? Awesome too but I don’t think they killed the guy like they should have.

Here’s an unbelievable shot from 50 meters away I think they said…


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