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Krabi Restaurant Review – Bang Poo Seafood

Bang Poo Seafood Restaurant sign in the front of the building.
Hard to miss with this sign out front!

Update – this one is closed and the owners have not opened another restaurant.

This excellent Krabi restaurant is not right in the center of town, but it is on one of the main roads leading into town – just off Thanon (T.) Maharat Road. It is on the same road as the new Krabi International Hospital – Nakharin – and is actually beside it – but there is a lot of distance between the two buildings.

Bang Poo specializes in Seafood. They have a constant supply of fresh seafood that is delivered often, and they have pools where it is kept alive until needed. They are open for lunch and dinner.

Bang Poo can seat about 150 people, in their wall-less restaurant, and it won’t seem all that crowded. The reason is that they have 4 very separate seating spaces, all with a different ambiance. As you first enter there are large tables for 6 to 12 people.

Bang Poo Seafood restaurant front seating area for big groups of people to sit and have dinner.
Front section of the restaurant, with larger tables for bigger groups. There is another area behind me, but it was impossible to get it all in the shot.

If you continue further in there are some smaller 4-chair tables for couples and small families. There is a TV in this spot, there used to be live music, but I haven’t seen that for a couple of months.

If you keep going deeper, past the restroom, there are bamboo tables under thatched roofs – and this is quite nice and private. Ideal for a couple or group that might get louder, because it’s far away from the main group of people eating at the restaurant.

Bang Poo Seafood restaurant back seating area with bamboo tables and benches, and thatched roof. Private and a nice setting.
Private section in the back under a thatched roof and with bamboo tables and benches. Romantic, and a bit secluded from the rest of the restaurant. Recommended for couples.

Bang Poo restaurant serves a busload of Chinese tourists daily around 6 pm. They sit in the front and eat like it’s their last meal – and then disappear quickly. It’s fascinating to watch.

Anyway. The food at this awesome Krabi restaurant is definitely on-par with the best in all of Krabi Town. We have had so many dishes – fried rice, yum woonsen, gai pad king, fried chicken, fried pork, huge shrimp, sour fish soup, tom yum naam sai, tom yum gai, tom yum goong, tom yum talay, omelets, and a dozen other things – and EVERY SINGLE MEAL HAS BEEN VERY GOOD.

So, it’s consistently good – and there is, for some reason, always space to eat.

When you finally eat here for the first time – you will make it your top restaurant immediately. It’s just that good. The prices are very reasonable. Three of us ate tonight for just 360 THB – about $11 USD for dinner. We had a variety of great food and we usually just get water and ice, so we didn’t have any alcoholic beverages to pad the bill. They do have a selection of Thai beers, and a freezer full of ice-cream for you or the kids.

The waitresses and owners are all exceptionally nice and polite.

This is our absolute favorite restaurant in Krabi at the moment – and has been since they opened about 18 months ago when another restaurant in the same location shut down.


Directions: From the center of Krabi town, say, Vogue Mall… Go up T. Maharat Road away from town. Drive through the caveman traffic lights. Go through the Saber-toothed Tiger traffic lights. Go up the hill and pass the “Eagle” traffic lights. Right before you arrive at the elephant traffic lights you will see a left turn for Nakharin International Hospital. Turn left there. Go past Nakharin on the left side and on your left in another 100 meters (yards) will be Bang Poo Seafood Restaurant!

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