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Krabi Restaurant Review – Sawasdee Cafe

Krabi Restaurant Review: Sawasdee Cafe


Go up Uttarakit Road from Chao Fa Pier or the police station toward the mountains in the distance. You’ll go up a small hill and the Krabi Hospital will be on your left side. Directly across the street and close to the base of the steps from the pedestrian walkway is Sawasdee Cafe.

UPDATE – this restaurant has closed that location and I am sure they are elsewhere, but I haven’t found them yet. If you know where they are, can you contact us and let us know? Thanks much.


They have many dishes here. My favorite is the Kow Pad Gai (Chicken fried rice) that has a lot of vegetables and a LOT of rice. I also enjoy the Pad Cee-you, which is very similar to Pad Thai except not sweet, it has thick noodles and they put some greens with it. No bean sprouts. Ok, so I guess it’s not much like pad Thai – but that’s how I remember it. It’s soy-sauce or oyster sauce flavored noodles and there are a LOT of them. Fills me up to the top. Prices for each of those – 35 baht. I’ve also had the Gai Pad King and some other dishes here – whatever I get – it’s always good. The food is fresh and they make it fast. There isn’t usually a crowd, though at lunch they get a small handful of people from the hospital. Pad pak boong is excellent here as is the Tom Yum Goong.


Warm in the afternoons, perfect in the evening. They have a TV with mostly Thai comedy shows playing or football. The owners are a husband and wife from Nakhon Sri Thammawat and they have 3 boys ages 9, 11, 14 is my guess, that are great kids and help out around the restaurant, the oldest doing the dishes in the back for 30 baht per day. They are eager to learn English – especially the smallest one. Good people.


1. Great food- whatever you order. It’s fresh and tastes great.
2. The price is very good for the high quality of food.

UPDATE: They closed down because they got kicked out of their rent space, and I am not sure where they moved to – or, if they started another restaurant somewhere. If you know where they went, let me know. They cooked some great food consistently.

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