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Krabi Restaurant Review – Viva Italian Restaurant

Inside there are another 12 or so tables. Very nice atmosphere.



Pizza is my all-time favorite food so I was happy to find Viva Italian restaurant a few years ago when I first visited the beautiful Krabi area. And, it’s still here, so I’m extra happy. Viva Italian is owned by an expat gentleman from Italy, so you know it’s gotta be good Italian food. He’s friendly and easy going. He has all Thai staff minding the kitchen, but the pizza recipes are not Thai-style. They are really delicious. The sauce and crust are particularly good for Thailand made pizza.

And, that’s not really fair to say because if I was buying this in the USA I’d be quite happy with it too.

NOTE – If you don’t want your pizza cooked very dark, emphasize that a couple of times to the waitress so she can ensure the guy cooking your pizza doesn’t overcook it. I had this issue a few times.


It’s quiet, there is some sidewalk seating and the entire front is opened up to the street. Viva Italian restaurant is located in the city and surrounded by concrete, but at night it’s cool enough. It’s a really nice restaurant inside, with great tables and chairs and the football game, if one is on – is playing in the main room nightly. There is a bar and it’s not usually crowded. It seems to get relaxed people that aren’t interested in drinking themselves into oblivion. The pizza is quite good – as is the Thai food.

Oh – it’s in a funny location, and I’m not sure WHY this happens, but there is a never-ending stream of girls dressed for the nightlife coming out of an alley right next to the restaurant. They are in tight leotards and fishnet stalkings, tight and short dresses and things. My wife would need to redirect my head every few minutes as more kept coming out of – what I guess is the door for their apartments in the same building? Not sure. Quite entertaining though.



The price is in line with other foreign-owned pizza places in Thailand. The pizza is better than at most places for sure. My wife has had the Thai food and found it to be exceptional also.


1. Exceptional pizza.
2. Great coffee.
3. Excellent atmosphere and location is convenient if you’re in Krabi Town.


Assuming you’re staying at Chao Fa road as most tourists I meet are… you walk down the hill and make a left at the first street (the school is on your left). The name of the street you’re on now is “Uttarakit Road”. You’ll go down that hill and make an immediate left at the flashing traffic light. The name of the road is, “Issara Road”. You’ll go until you see another road split off it to the right (only 100 meters) and turn right. Viva Italian Restaurant is on your right! Sorry, the two maps I have don’t list the name of the road it’s located on.


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