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Som Tam, Thailand’s Favorite Food

Som tam, Thai spicy & sour papaya salad.

Som tam is like Thailand’s national dish. You won’t likely find it in any or many restaurants in your home country because it’s an acquired taste. Once acquired though one quickly becomes an addict – like I have.

Som tam is a meal usually for lunch or dinner. It consists of shredded unripe papaya that is mixed in a vertical bowl with cut tomatoes, crushed garlic cloves, fresh crushed chili peppers – green and/or red, eggplant, green beans, and sometimes carrot, some fish sauce, a bit of sugar – more if you are in the South… a squirt of lime juice (minaow) and sometimes mixed with fermented fish or crab solids and juice called “Blah-rah” often times pronounced “bla-lah”.

Here is a great Thai food recipe blog by “Joy” that has Som Tam recipes in English, German, Spanish, and French. She has many YouTube videos of her cooking Thai food recipes and she makes all kinds of Thai food dishes. Have a look!

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