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Amazon Kindle Drops Price by $25 – Thailand Expats Want it Now?

Thailand Amazon Kindle WIFI 3G - yes, it works in Thailand
Thailand Amazon Kindle WIFI 3G does work in Thailand... read on...

Apparently there are heaps of Thailand expats buying the Kindle online at the page you get when you click this image below:

Last week the Kindle was selling for $139 at the lowest price – for the WIFI version. Today it is just $114. The margins on this thing are supposed to be very low – so the company isn’t making much on each one – some say they are losing money. I’m quite sure that isn’t the case, there isn’t much to the Kindle – though it’s a revolutionary device.

Amazon added advertisements to the new cheaper Kindles to subsidize the price of it and allowed them to lower the price by $25.

I have seen more Kindles recently because I did some traveling by plane and train recently – there were Kindles on every journey.

If you’re a Thailand expat and you’re wondering – does this thing WORK in Thailand for the 3G? The answer is YES, it works.

But, of course -there IS NO nationwide 3G yet, so, it works with the present digital technology – EGPRS (EDGE) which is an advanced type of GPRS.

What that means is – it works just like the 3G connection will – when it finally goes online hopefully this year. But, it’s a bit slower. You can STILL surf at the Amazon bookstore and download new books you buy using the Amazon Kindle from Thailand – but, it’s slower to get them, that’s all. It’s fully functional though.

For me, the Kindle WIFI version is enough – I’m not online buying books all the time, so I can buy them from home while I have my WIFI connection. WIFI is all over southeast Asia – so if I am jonesin for another book I can always hit the internet shop or borrow my neighbors bandwidth for 10 minutes.

Take a look at this GIANT page about the Amazon Kindle at the official site – it has everything answered you could ever think of… and provides a simple way to buy it.

Giant Amazon Kindle Page – Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology – includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers

Note – you will pay shipping and customs import duty on the Kindles you buy – and any electronics you buy online. There used to be a good source for local Thailand Kindles, but that site is offline now. This is the only place, reliable and trustworthy place, that I know to buy your ebook reader from Amazon:


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