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Buying a Phone in Thailand

Foreigners have the worst phones in Thailand!

I am losing my hearing a bit in my right ear, but it usually isn’t a matter of my hearing… it’s more about the chintzy phones foreigners use that cut in and out.

I have a quad band phone. When I talk to someone else on a quad band phone it sounds like I am talking to god. The line is crystal clear and there is no delay or cutting out. It doesn’t matter where I am in the country.

My foreigner friends all have like dual-band phones. They can talk to walkie-talkies better than they can talk to me. I swear I get about 1/3 of the conversation going lost to static and cutting out. Add that to the fact that half the time I’m talking to someone from the UK – and it’s sometimes damn near impossible to piece together what we’re talking about. I say “yeah” a lot and try to get through the conversation – asking questions as I must – so I get whatever meaning I need to have from the conversation.

Anyone having the same problems? What is it about foreigners buying the 1,500 THB phones? Isn’t every single conversation they have – farked as a result? I guess they think it’s Thailand’s mobile phone courier service that sucks… Actually AIS, and DTAC are great cell phone networks – and I can’t really complain about them at all.

Please, spend the 5-6,000 THB for a quad-band phone. You’ll be amazed at how much of the conversation you’re able to hear. Unless of course the person on the other end is also sporting a 1,500 Motorola dual-band special.


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