What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Dial *138*0349# For 49 THB Mobile Internet on AIS

On Thailand’s Mobile Carrier – AIS (1-2 Call)

If you’re in Thailand and wondering how you can get internet on your mobile phone – it’s easy. The code for getting 24 hours of internet for just 49 THB is *138*0349# – all over Thailand. Check email using your phone’s browser, or, many phones have built in email checking programs.

On Thailand’s Mobile Carrier – DTAC

Dial 1678 (3 THB/minute) and talk to their customer support and tell them you want 1 day of internet for your phone. There was a code to do it without talking to someone, but I can’t find it in Google. I found old codes – not sure if they work. Better to call DTAC’s customer service.

Weekly or Monthly Plans?

Yes. There are other plans for mobile internet in Thailand – you can sign up for whatever you choose. Be careful, some are recurring, and some are one-time. I never use the longer than 1 day plans because the service seems to get slower the less I pay per day. So, I pay for one day when I want it – and it seems faster. Try it and see if you think the same.


Email solutions –

If you have GMAIL.com?

In your phone browser, then go to: www.gmail.com You can follow instructionst to download gmail for your phone – Android device, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, iPhone, whatever…

If you have Yahoo mail?

In your phone browswer go to: m.yahoo.com/mail

If you have Hotmail?

Go to www.hotmail.com/m – I think. Microsoft does not give any good results when I query Google for instructions on Hotmail with mobile phones. Go figure.


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