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HTC ONE V Mobile Phone in Thailand

HTC ONE V - Thailand Mobile PhoneI got rid of the iPhone 3GS I used for a couple months here in Thailand. I didn’t like playing the Apple game of transferring files up to iTunes before transferring again back to my phone. My battery sucked, and I couldn’t change it. The phone locked up sometimes. The idiot replacing the screen at Big C – dorked it up and then insisted because it still worked when you press the main button extra hard – it works well enough. I paid 2,000 THB for it to be done correctly, not half-assed. Welcome to Thailand where half-assed is the norm, and anything beyond that you can consider “bonus”.

Anyway. I picked up a new HTC ONE V mobile phone in Bangkok at a JayMart. It was only 9,900 THB and the sound is amazing. The touchscreen is every bit as sensitive as the iPhone – even more so. The apps I use are available – twitter, skype, banjo, and Kindle Reader. The GPRS (data) connection works MUCH better than the iPhone. The camera – MUCH better. The video – WORLDS better. The phone works great.

It has some special BEATS sound dealio that works very well. Music is ultra clear and sounds better at volume than maybe any other phone I’ve heard.

The battery lasts a day and a half – much of that with WIFI running in the background.

It of course works well with pushing email, tweets, facebook notifications – whatever you want. It has some auto upload drive that when I get into WIFI range after being out of the house – uploads all my photos and videos to an online drive so I can grab them from any computer anywhere. That’s cool and annoying both.

The HTC ONE V is all I really need. I think it does what I want better than the iPhone 4S – I’ve used it, friends have it. I’m not impressed. I have been thinking about a tablet lately for our daughter, but, I am now considering the Galaxy Note II – which is coming out sometime soon (this year) – instead of an iPad or other tablet. The note is giant, and big enough – plus it’s a phone which adds a lot of functionality to it. Why all tablets are not also phone capable – who knows?

Get a 9,900 HTC ONE V mobile phone in Thailand – you won’t be disappointed…

Indian guy (because I laugh at the accent every time for some reason) reviewing the phone:


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