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Is Your Thailand Mobile Phone Being SPIED On?

I think a lot about my computer in Thailand being a victim of a trojan horse that sends my email passwords, credit card stuff and Thailand bank information to another location for someone to read and use to wipe me out. I think I have a pretty good system, but I’m sure there are loopholes someone can exploit. Hell, if they can get to you through a browser – they can get to you. If Firefox can’t stop all malicious attempts to take over your browser or computer – can you really believe YOU can protect your computer once they get through?

I don’t have much confidence in me for that.

Currently I run the Microsoft firewall that comes with XP pro. I run the Microsoft malicious software detection tool often (a free program from MS). I have the free Sygate personal firewall running. I have NOD32 antivirus system running and updating daily.

I have Ad-Aware – that great, free malicious ad-software that I run every week or so.

And that’s what I have.

Hopefully it’s enough for most attacks – but, probably not.

A long time ago there was a story about this software that could turn your mobile phone into an open microphone so anyone could listen in on you at any time they chose. It’s a reality now. Not only that – but it can send all your SMS messages, internet cruising behavior, log your calls… all of this while running invisibly in the background.

The microphone may be on – and yet there is no hint of that from the appearance of the display on your phone. The software is amazing – and it’s available all over Bangkok. There are, of course, multiple vendors software you can buy.

Want to keep track of your Thai bargirl or ladyboy while you’re away?

Here’s a great summary by a guy (Ilyushin) on ThaiVisa.com that was posting “FYI”. I pulled that out and here’s a link to the original thread, Mobile Phone Spying >



The FlexiSpy application captures call logs, text messages and mobile Internet activity, among other things. The software, released at the beginning of March, sells for $49.95 and is advertised by Bangkok, Thailand-based Vervata as a tool to monitor kids and unfaithful spouses. The data captured is sent to Vervata’s servers and is accessible to customers via a special Web site.

Similar surveillance software for PCs already exists and has raised the ire of groups fighting domestic violence, who fear it may be used by abusive spouses.

FlexiSpy has attracted a different kind of criticism from security company F-Secure, which has labeled the software a Trojan, or a malicious program that disguises itself as something innocuous.

“This application installs itself without any kind of indication as to what it is,” Jarno Niemela wrote on the Finnish antivirus maker’s corporate blog Wednesday. “And when it is installed on the phone, it completely hides itself from the user.”

FlexiSpy could be used by miscreants as part of malicious software that targets phones, Niemela wrote. Alternatively, an attacker could try sending the program to phones via a Bluetooth connection and trust that there are enough curious people to install it. F-Secure has updated its security software for mobile phones to detect the program.

Vervata in an e-mailed statement late Wednesday insisted that FlexiSpy is not malicious. “”FlexiSpy is not a Trojan horse, nor a virus, and does not require the purchase of F-Secure antivirus products to remove it,” the company said. An uninstall option is provided, Vervata added.

“FlexiSpy is activity monitoring software that needs to be consciously installed by a human who knows exactly what the software does,” Vervata said, to distinguish its product from a Trojan horse. “It does not self replicate, it does not pretend to be something it is not, and it always requires conscious human action for installation.”

Sales of FlexiSpy have “exceeded all expectations,” Vervata said, without disclosing any specific numbers.

FlexiSpy is available for cell phones that run the Symbian operating system, such as Nokia Series 60 handsets. Vervata plans to release by the end of April a version for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, as well as for devices that run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Pocket PC operating system, according to the company’s Web site.

Vervata is still working on “FlexiSpy Pro,” which will log e-mail and multimedia messages, in addition to the other data, according to the company’s Web site. That version will also include a “monitoring” feature that lets the user call the target cell phone from a preset number and listen in on what’s going on in the background, in much the same way a baby monitor works.

Quick Overview – How to spy on a cell phone, what is spyphone software and how does it work?
How to spy on a cell phone?

Have you ever wanted to spy on your special someone’s mobile/cell phone? Now you can and it’s a lot easier to do than you think. All it takes is for you to purchase spyphone software available from several online vendors. Within minutes of your purchase, you can be reading your loved one’s sms messages, find out who they are calling or who is calling them, know their location, and even listen in on their surroundings.

**It’s worth mentioning that another option is to buy a phone with spy software installed for you. These phones are usually referred to as “spyphones” and are sold by many online vendors. However, watch out for the cost. Spyphones can range from $500 – $1,500.

What is spyphone software?

Used by people who suspect their spouse is cheating, parents who want to monitor the kids, or employers who want to monitor phone usage by their staff, spyphone software such as Flexispy & Mobile Spy is software that you download into a mobile(cell) phone, which then secretly records the phone’s activity such as sms messages sent or received, call history, etc. and then either uploads the data to a remote server or forwards to you via sms giving you complete visibility of all activitiy that occurs on the phone.

How does it work?

Once installed, the spyphone software is completely hidden from the user and starts to collect all available data such as SMS Messages, ingoing/outgoing call history, location tracking, GPRS, etc. and uploads the collected data to a remote server using GPRS. (Neo Call forwards the data via SMS)

You then simply access the webpage of the spyphone vendor, enter your account details, and then you have full access to all the data collected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless where you are in the world. You can read all sms messages (both incoming and outgoing), know who they are calling or who is calling them, where they were when the call was received, and more.

Here is an overview of the entire process:

Imagine if you are a wife who suspects their husband is cheating on them. Now you can read all their incoming and outgoing SMS Messages, find out who is calling them and where they actually are when they say, “Honey, I’m at the office.” or if you are a parent worried about their children and want to monitor their sms messages. No more guessing what happens when your loved ones leave the house. Oh no!


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