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Speeding Up Thai Pulse

Over the past 10 years I’ve used mostly shared hosting for my websites. It’s cheap, easy to configure, and virtually crash proof. I’ve used Godaddy for my hosting for all these years.

ThaiPulse.com and my Thailand blog – ThaiPulse.com/blog/ have become rather large sites – a couple of thousand pages, with over 20 million page views over these few years.

I don’t know if it’s that, or the large databases that are being created from the 2 WordPress installations on the site – but the site slowed down to a crawl about 2 years ago. I did everything I could at Godaddy to increase the speed of the site -but I’ve never got it to download faster than about 6 seconds. Seconds per Kilobyte speeds were between .1 and .2 usually. That’s slooooooow. They say most US internet surfers will click away if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Short attention span, right? Well, since ThaiPulse.com for 2+ years hasn’t loaded faster than 6 seconds and was usually about 8-9, but often higher. I must have been losing a lot of people. I had a high bounce rate… and well, etc., etc. I’m boring even me with the details.

I switched to another host – a virtual server for my other sites – they were, for the most part – easier to migrate over because they were all smaller. TP was a bear though. I tried last April and failed over the course of a few days. I enlisted the help of the new host – and they weren’t able to do it quickly either. Rather than have the site remain down – I switched back to Godaddy and suffered another year.

Yesterday, after another 2 days of downloading and uploading the content and databases, matching databases and stuff – I finally got it to work! I’m pretty psyched about it. Download speeds for the site are not slower than 2 seconds, and sometimes much faster. I’ve seen .01 and .02 seconds per KB – which is a 10 to 20 times improvement over some of my other times.

Anyway – feels good. If you’re on a slow server like Godaddy – you really should migrate your stuff to a decent host.


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