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Thailand Apple iPhone Vs. Nokia e70

The Apple iPhone is NOT a phone that I would buy – even if I could get it here in Thailand. Supposedly availability of the iPhone in Thailand will be 1st quarter of 2008. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s a very brief rundown of the Apple iPhone vs. Nokia e70 which I have now and use daily.

I don’t know what features the iPhone will have when it hits Asia – but it needs to make some serious changes before I’d purchase it for $599 USD. (19,257 b).

The iPhone is priced the same as my Nokia e70 according to today’s exchange rate (32.70/1). The e70 was 19,200 at Telewiz when I bought it in March. That’s expensive as hell, but it does so much that to me it was well worth it. I think the prices have come down a thousand or two by now. Don’t quote me on that.

Apple’s iPhone has a virtual keyboard as part of the software. A number of people testing have already said that they can’t seem to “get it” when trying to type out a paragraph or so. There is also a hard to find comma – which is stupidity defined. I use commas EVERY time I write, and it’s making me wonder where the dash (-) is because I use that 9 times more than commas.

The Nokia e70 has a full QWERTY keyboard with comma that is large enough for my big fingers to type on. It has a full row of numbers at the top and full shift capability. It even has a Thai Keyboard written on the keys as well.

The Ipod comes with 4GB or 8GB of storage. I have a whopping 1GB plus another 64 on phone so my phone is lacking in storage, BUT I have the opportunity to expand it at any time since there is a memory slot. The iPhone HAS NO MEMORY SLOT for additional storage.

The iPhone has a 2MP camera. So does the Nokia e70. The iPhone takes photos, but NO VIDEO! WHAT? Yes, it’s true – the iPhone takes NO video. The Nokia e70 has 3 different resolutions of video available and it works incredibly well. There is also a zoom on the video – and none was mentioned for the iPhone in the review I saw – but it MUST have one right?

With the iPhone you can use WIFI, EDGE. With the Nokia e70 you can use WIFI, EDGE, CDMA, 3G, Infrared, BlueTooth, VOIP and use your phone as a modem connection for your laptop so you don’t need to buy one of those stupid PCMCIA EDGE cards for your notebook – which are 10,000 baht and don’t give you any additional functionality over that of a 4500 baht Nokia phone with EDGE.

The iPhone has a resolution of 320 x 480 for it’s very large screen. The Nokia e70 has 352 x 416 which, without doing the math I’m going to guess it pretty close.

The Nokia e70 is 129 g. the Apple iPhone is 135 g.

Battery Life:
The iPhone claims 5 hours of talk time and the Nokia e70 claims 3.2 – 7.7 hours – depending on how I’m connected.

Operating System:
The Nokia has a Symbian operating system for which many applications have been developed already – like VOIP with FRING for instance (free). Apple’s iPhone will have software developed but give it 6 months to have anything decent. And, give it a year or more before it has anything approaching the amount of programs already in existence for the Nokia e70.

I’ve used the Nokia e70 for about 3 months. It is very stable and works very well with EDGE service in Pattaya, Bangkok, and other areas on both AIS and DTAC SIM cards. The phone has not locked up on me EVER, though I’ve turned it off and back on 3 times to get it working faster. I’ve never lost data. I’ve never scratched it – so the exterior can be called “tough”. The web browsing is easy with the joystick and the keyboard is heaven compared to the Nokia e65 that didn’t have one.

Overall I think the iPhone is an OK device, however, it has some serious shortcomings. Lack of 3G, lack of video capability!, lack of a solid keyboard, lack of a memory slot and lack of availability for another 7 months (or more) is just too much for me. Add to that there will be software problems for a while and other things to work out in Asia because the phone was really made for the USA and the networks and users there.

I will stick to Nokia e-series while I’m in Thailand.

By the way, I’m selling my Nokia e70 if you didn’t already know. I’m moving back to the states at some point and I won’t need all the functionality it has back there. There are NO scratches and it works perfectly. All original paperwork and the box included.

Photos and full specs:

Nokia e70 for sale in Thailand > (11,900 baht)


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3 thoughts on “Thailand Apple iPhone Vs. Nokia e70

  • July 21, 2007 at 2:03 am

    Your comparison on the iPhone and Nokia does not really add up. Many phones on paper look like they do the same things as the iPhone and of course on a feature for feature comparison there will always be specification and feature advantages to one or the other.

    But the reason the iPhone is selling like hot cakes and will continue to do so is because the interface, software and the design are simply stunning.

    I have used a friends iPhone (I don’t have one but will as soon as they come to Aust) and I learned my way around it in minutes with no instruction manual. Do that with Symbion or any other phone.

    The iPhone runs Mac OS X – the same OS used on Apple computers which is by far the most advanced OS in the world. Way ahead of Windows, Windows Mobile, and way ahead of Symbion. OSX already understands Wifi, bluetooth, networking, power management etc etc.

    There are thousands of OSX applications developers have been building apps for OSX since 2000. Some of which Apple have already installed on iPhone (Safari web browser and Mail for instance).

    iPhone is running full scale email and internet not cut down flakey ‘phone’ internet doesn’t render web pages properly and is almost impossible to navigate as a result.

    The touch screen keypad is different because there is no button – but frankly a child could use it. The touch screen also makes it so simple to use all the other features of the phone that you will never go back to keys.

    And that is before we even start in the iPod side – which is way beyond any portable music experience on the market.

    I agree with you that the wait is a pain, and the nokia is a nice phone. But I am more than happy to wait.

    The iPhone really is going to change the phone industry.

  • August 7, 2007 at 4:56 pm

    Not to mention . . .

    The iPhone is sleek and slim, not a brick like the Nokia phones.

    Have you seen the iPhone switch from vertical to horizontal view simply by turning the phone over? No Nokia phone switches views, to my understanding.

    What about zooming in, zooming out, switching from one app to the next, scrolling through web sites, photos, etc.–USING ONLY YOUR FINGER!

    As for storage, the largest SD card made is 8Gigs. With the Nokia, you have to pay an extra US$100 to buy an 8Gig card (if it works with Nokia). iPhone has 8 gigs built in–no need for an expansion card.

    The same advice I give to naysayers about the Macintosh computer. Go ahead and try one, then decide for yourself. once you’ve used it, you’ll know there is no Nokia like it.

  • September 3, 2007 at 7:27 pm

    Very naive comparison, I must say. Basing a comparison on the fact of one phone used for quite a while and the other “seen” on paper only is quite inadequate. Don’t get me wrong, Nokias are proven quality phone.
    I had the pleasure to use an unlocked iphone for a couple of days. There’s no comparison, it’s that simple. When using the iphone you discover a thousand little user friendly gadgets, that f.e. the Nokia’s missing. of course, these things you only notice when actually using the phone. The iphone brings a new era of portable multimedia devices,point.


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