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Have you thought about starting a Thailand blog?

Blogging in Thailand is something a lot of expats think about, and some do. Some think fame awaits, others, that after a few years at least 100 visitors per day will be reading their blog. I started out with giant plans for the ThaiPulse.com site and blog, and over the past 4 years I’ve changed those plans about 4 times.

Originally I thought – ThaiPulse.com will be a huge portal to everything in Thailand. Destinations, attractions, nightlife, hotels, travel tips, faqs, and a large network of blogs that were all interlinked and a surfer magnet where thousands upon thousands of people came to read daily blogs about Thailand.

It didn’t take long before I realized – that the “Master Thailand Blog Portal Plan” was way too big for one person. I decided to start a blog network though and see how that went. I was able to recruit a couple of great bloggers straight off and the network was on it’s way. The number of visitors to ThaiPulse climbed fast and these guys were blogging as much and more than me – so it was all working great.

Until I got a couple of calls from Bangkok about some content on the blog network. They were threats really. I didn’t know who it was but the guy had some rather good information that he had to dig for a little bit. I don’t know whether this guy had children at the school one of the bloggers in the network attended and he had a bone to pick, or what. But, he never mentioned that. What he did mention was blocking my Thailand blog network and pressing charges against ME and the other blogger in court over some of the blog articles…

Change was in order, so I had to drop the whole blog network idea and come up with another plan. I reworked the urls for all the pages on ThaiPulse which killed traffic to everything. It took about a year to regain it’s former glory – which at the time was about 150 visitors a day to the blog.

During the next months… year? I didn’t post much at all – just when I had to say something. Often times I was ranting about something. It’s easy to write when I’m angry for some reason.

Blogging like this was the worst thing I could do as far as sustainability – but, I was kind of put off the whole Thailand blogging idea as a way to make money. Then I started to blog for fun about stuff I liked in Thailand. Wildlife for one. I really enjoy the variety of reptiles, spiders, and insects in Thailand and I set about making a lot of posts and videos about that.

Thailand Blogs about wildlife don’t kill it for traffic, but I was having fun. I still am. Today I’ll shoot some video of two of the baby snakes I have – keelbacks, one venomous, one with weak venom and post it to YouTube and maybe blog here about it as well.

Blog surfers finding ThaiPulse is increasing all the time, but I think it’s just a natural progression over the years… I get 600-700 people on an average day to read the stuff here – and that’s pretty cool. That’s 210,000+ people a year just at ThaiPulse. I think JoysThaiFood.com blog gets another 350 a day. Some other Thailand sites I have are only getting 150-200 per day.

I’ve yet to kill it in this market, and not sure I ever will. I’ve considered starting a massive site with thousands of pages with a friend, but I’m not 100% on it. A year or two of effort to reach 650 visitors is not worth it in my book. Probably not worth it even if reaching 3,000 per day.

Thailand Blog Advice…

If you’re thinking about making some extra money from your blog here are some topics and tips about things I’ve found out over the years, work.

Book Reviews – I get a ton of visitors off that “The Damage Done” review I did about Aussie, Warren Fellows in a Bangkok prison. I think there is some market for a Thailand book review site filled with reviews on English books with a Thailand setting.

Thai Ladyboy Anything – literally anything about Thai ladyboys I write gets a lot of attention. I stopped focusing on that as a topic 3 years ago and yet still, if I even mention it in a post – like this one – I’ll get a bunch of people reading this post. If you want to create a Thailand blog about this – it’s one that could do very well. Keep it clean so the government doesn’t come after you.

Thai Politics – though it might get you into hot water at some point if you’re not very careful with what you blog about (or even if you are), this topic is one of the hottest for blog writers to start. If you have an interest in Thailand politics this is a great blog to start.

Muay Thai – I must have mentioned this five, six times over the years. There are a ton of searches on Muay Thai and no big dominating blog to capture all the interested surfers.

Thai Nightlife – nightlife is what most people come to Thailand for – and yet, there are no decent nightlife blogs anywhere to be found. There is a wide-open spot for someone to come in and kill it.

Controversy – if you write a controversial blog in Thailand the looney-tunes come right out of the woodwork. They’re all over you and you’ll have more traffic than you can stand. Problem is you’ll need to deal with more hate-spewing dorks than at a KKK convention.

Anyway, those are some topics that I think would do well if you were considering starting a Thailand blog.

Good luck!


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2 thoughts on “Thailand Blog

  • May 11, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Excellent article. Thanks for sharing! I definitely stay away from the political articles and focus more on the language, but I like from time to time to write about music, martial arts, and I do plan on discussing katoey and food as well.

    Keep up the great work!

  • May 11, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Excellent article. Thanks for sharing! I definitely stay away from the political articles and focus more on the language, but I like from time to time to write about music, martial arts, and I do plan on discussing katoey and food as well.

    Keep up the great work!


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