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Thailand Technology – Moving Files From Computer to Iphone – VLOG 7

My Thailand video blogging is still going, and it has been a week. As long as I keep coming up with something vaguely interesting or entertaining, I’ll keep it up. I’ve already done video for vlog 8 and 9, and they’re pretty good. If you have any topics you want to see made into a video – let me know.

Buying an iPhone in Thailand was the smartest thing I’ve done in years. Now, when I’m away from the notebook computer and WIFI at home, I get a push email – and I respond to it instantly, just like I usually do at home. The iPhone makes it easy to do things – it makes me more productive outside the home, and as a result – I feel like I can go out more.

Last night I finally tackled my main peeve with the iPhone, not being able to transfer files from computer to iPhone. I’m talking about video and music files. There are a number of circus tricks you have to perform in order to do something that should be as easy as drag and drop.

Anyway, I show in the video how to do it. Here are the two programs you’ll need:

FileApp – downloadable at the iTunes store – free.

DiskAid – for your computer (for PC, but I think they also have a MAC version). This is a 14 day trial version, so copy everything you want quickly so you don’t have to buy the full version.

On the video I also show you how to easily download many Youtube videos at the same time – in mp4 format, which will work on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

More Mobile News

Supposedly (I’ll only believe it when I see ‘3g’ on my phone) 3G is being rolled out in Thailand. AIS and DTAC have it. Expats in Phuket are reporting faster speeds than their ADSL connections for the most part, but some are getting just over EDGE (EGPRS) speeds at 300 Kbps.

Does the iPhone 3GS have 3G?

That’s how clueless I am about the whole iPhone craze.

Video – How to Transfer files from notebook computer to iPhone (works in Thailand):


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