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Using iPhone in Thailand – VLOG 6

There are some negatives to using the iPhone in Thailand, but the positives outweigh them by a great deal.

I’ve ignored the iPhone for the past how many years. I played with them a couple times at the store. My wife’s nephew had one I played with a bit a year ago (iPhone 4). I just wasn’t interested in the things because I hate what Apple has done with their proprietary BS.

One thing I hate is that they make their products so you yourself cannot upgrade things like the battery, RAM on a computer or iPad. WTF? They want you to spend more money with them to do it – and it’s inconvenient as all hell. I hate that.

Another thing is that to get music or video on the iPhone you need to UPLOAD it to the Apple  iTunes store first, THEN download it to your own phone. WTF? The USB cable they give you that attaches to your computer (PC or MAC) is only good for transfers from your iPhone TO your computer. Not the other way.

Anyway – so I went to the store, needing another phone. My Nokia xpress music tricked out phone from 3 yrs ago must have dropped out of my back pocket on the motorbike.

I stopped by a BIG C phone outlet where we bought the Nokia because the guy was very helpful and spoke English well enough that I didn’t need to speak Thai.

He had all sorts of phones – and an iPhone 4 (his) and an iPhone 3GS – his friend’s he was trying to sell.

I played with many phones there that day. When I started with the iPhone 3GS and he showed me what could be done – I couldn’t be ANYTHING but sold. I don’t know why anyone buys any other phone. The iPhone is faster, the display is sharp, the interface is intuitive, and if you are in Thailand – most everything works just like it should. I put SKYPE on my phone in minutes by just downloading the free app and signing in. Bingo – I can call mainland USA for 1.9 cents per minute – paid with PayPal by buying blocks of $15 in minutes.

So, today’s VLOG (video blog) is about the iPhone I bought. Keep in mind, I have the old one – iPhone 3GS. The software though, is the same as the iPhone 4. It will be the same the iPhone 5 has as well, they’ll update the software sometime soon after the iPhone 5 comes out – which is, some say – about September 7th.

I have the factory unlocked phone, meaning, it was unlocked by True Network originally and there is no problem updating it with the latest software. I didn’t need to jailbreak it. I suggest you get one of the same – not the iPhone which is tied to a network like AIS, TRUE, DTAC or any other Thailand mobile provider.

In this video I just run though a bunch of things I do with the phone so you can see how easy it is. The iPhone works in Thailand quite well and there is no need to buy another phone. It would be ridiculous to buy another phone – really.

iPhone 3GS in Thailand Video:


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3 thoughts on “Using iPhone in Thailand – VLOG 6

  • August 15, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    I’ve yet to jump on the iPhone bandwagon. My old school 800 baht Nokia works just fine for phone calls. I can’t really see a reason to invest so much money in a phone, unless of course you need to stay connected to the internet for Twitter or something. I’m usually on the internet all day when I’m at home, I really don’t need to take the internet with me everywhere.

  • September 28, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    WRONG!!! I will give my 3GS away,,, Why?

    because 3 g does not work with AIS…

    u should research more bud…

    • September 28, 2011 at 7:53 pm

      See, sometimes I do approve the comments from the brilliant readers too…


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