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Where to Go to buy Thai Amulets?
Why do People Buy Thai Amulets?
How to Buy Thai Amulets if Outside of Thailand?

Where to Go to Buy Thai Amulets?

If you are in Thailand on holiday and you are considering buying a Thai amulet, you have to decide first – do you want a REAL Thai amulet, or doesn’t it matter?

Fake Thai Amulets in Thailand

There are fake amulet markets all over the country of Thailand, and in every country in Buddhist Asia. Fake amulets (blawm) abound and there is literally no way you are ever going to distinguish the authentic from the fake amulet. Monks even disagree on some of the old Som Dej Toh and Luang Phor Tuad amulets. It’s just too difficult to distinguish real from artificial because the technology to reproduce old amulets is too good.

If you don’t care if the amulet is not real, just go to any market and buy your amulet. Start with Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. Or, go to the huge amulet market in Southwest Bangkok near the Grand Palace. There are thousands of fakes that are made to look real, and you can buy them for 20 Thai baht for some of them. That’s about 60 cents USD.

Genuine Thai Amulets in Thailand

If you want to buy real authentic Thai amulets – just go to a Theravada Buddhist Temple here in Thailand and browse what they have. The amulets are undoubtedly genuine, and you won’t have a bad experience because you know 100% – they are real amulets.

Keep in mind that some temples – especially with monks who follow the old forest tradition – you won’t find amulets made by those temples. Ajahn Chah’s temples and Buddhadassa Bhikku’s temple at Suan Mokkh don’t sell Thai amulets of any kind.

Why Do People Buy Thai Amulets?

Thai Buddhist amulets are said to give the wearer (renter) either protection from physical harm, protection from demons and spells, or some special power like the ability to do well in business or in your love life. Whether there is any truth to this or not, is hard to debate. Millions of Buddhist followers wear amulets of some sort. Some wear them for protection, others for fertility. Some wear amulets for warding off danger – like bullets and knives. Some get amulets and Sak Yant tattoos for the ultimate protection from harm.

Some wear Buddha or other figures just to remind them of Buddhism and to show others they are Buddhist. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of people selling amulets in Thailand!

How to Buy Amulets Overseas?

Somewhere around 2007 I put some of my wife’s old amulets on EBay to see if they would sell. We didn’t have any idea about it, but started on a whim. Funny enough, her little amulet business started and she was able to sell some each month – enough to make a meager living. She continues to this day.

She sells only Thai amulets from the temple which have been blessed. She ships pretty much worldwide, and her customers are always satisfied because she always does the right thing. You can find her amulet shop at: Thai Amulet Sales (.com). I think at the moment she isn’t selling any Buddhas, but she has a lot of other popular figures: Jatukam Ramathep; Kwan Yin; Ganesha; Pidta; Luang Phor Tuad; Ajahn Jumnien; Luang Phor Klai; Phra Koon; dragons; tigers; takrud amulets; and a lot more I don’t even know how to describe.

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