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Black Magic Curse? Head Monk Gives Gasoline Mixture to Young Man… and Kills Him.

The Abbot of a Buddhist temple in Surin, a northeastern Thailand province gave this to a young 23 year old Thai man. Think the monk will go to jail for telling the kid to drink the holy water which was really a mixture of gasoline and something else?

This story from Thai Rath and posted at PhuketGazette on 10/24.

Cruel cure for unlucky lad

SURIN: Sometimes, a cure can be worse than the illness. This was certainly the case for one young man who went to the local temple to perform a ceremony to ward off bad luck, but ended up dying after drinking “blessed water” prepared by the temple abbot.

Twenty-three year old Bunyang Khreuaniam of Khwao Sinarin District on September 30 told his mother that had been warned by someone trained in the arts of black magic that he was in for some bad luck.

Concerned that some wayward spirits might target her son, she took him to Wat Beung Wang Nam Yen to see the abbot about performing a ceremony to ward off any potential misfortune.

The abbot, 56-year-old Luang Ta Yuan, told Mr Bunyang to go home and fast for two days without food or water, then come back for a ritual ceremony.

It gets worse… read the rest of the story here. Apparently the Phuket Gazette removed the story. This happens all the time with news media in Thailand. You just cannot print the truth.


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