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No Shower? Smashed Fingers |Thai Parental Discipline

I was talking to a teacher at lunch today… he related this incident.

He was teaching M1 physical education class this morning when he saw a 12-year-old female student’s fingers bandaged up.

He asked her what happened and she didn’t want to say. He asked again. She said that she had to go to the hospital last night.
He asked, “Why?”

“I hurt my fingers…”

He said, “How?”

She said, “My father smashed my fingers and I had to go the hospital because I didn’t take a shower yesterday.”

He said, “WHAT?” She repeated it. The other kids were joking about it – but apparently, that is what really happened.

I asked my girlfriend what she thought – and she told me that sometimes parents are really strict about certain things. Other kids are beat for not doing homework. Some are hit for not cleaning up. Some are hit for disrespect.

Overall from what I’ve seen, I think that Thai parents are very lenient with their children. From life experience, I’m guessing that overall parents from India are even MORE lenient, but I can’t think of another group that is in the same realm. Of course, I don’t know every group. :P Nor do I like to generalize much, but of course, that’s how we live our lives – basing what we believe and what we do on one generalization after another – leading to “who we are”. Anyway, that’s quite another post.

I’ve seen very few Thai parents hit their children here. Thai kids really do as they wish for the most part. I wish I had grown up here rather than in the USA for only this reason.

I’ve never had my fingers smashed with a hammer though…


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