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Thai Culture: Thai People Sleep ANYWHERE!

Thai man sleeping on the street
I don’t really have a problem with this, it’s actually quite funny. I have seen more people sleep in the strangest places, than ever before in my life.

Thai people can really fall asleep just about anywhere. I’ve posted a couple examples on this page… then a link to a news story that happened recently, months after this post was originally posted.

In the first there is a man sleeping on the road. No, he didn’t just have an accident nor is he in a drunken stupor and fell down and knocked his hat off. He’s sleeping on a road at a resort on the island of Ko Samui. My girlfriend and I were just riding around this ultra-nice resort (for Samui) and we crested a hill and nearly ran into about 6 people laying down on the road… I wasn’t quick enough to think fast enough to tell my girlfriend to HURRY, GET THE CAMERA, but that would have been the ultimate photo to explain what I’m talking about.

This one we were ready for… around the next bend and over the next hill crest we see this guy and she snapped this photo like a champ!

In the photo below there is a boy in my Mathyom 3 English (Math) class that has fallen asleep DURING my exam! It happened quickly, one second he was awake and struggling with it (or struggling against falling asleep), and by the time I had turned around he was out cold.

Thai student sleeping during exam

There were more kids trying to sleep in my class than is reasonable. Yeah, it’s a boring class – MATH IS BORING. I livened it up sometimes with some shenanigans – but, overall it’s boring as hell, I gotta admit.
At least science class might have a tiny PIECE of something one might get interested in. Math – uhm, nope. Unless I WAS INTERESTING, the class was bored because math is just BLAH to 15 year olds.

Other places I’ve seen Thai people sleep:

  • All over a wat – (Buddhist temple). I think some come there JUST to sleep.
  • On a coconut palm that was sort of horizontal over the beach.
  • In hammocks – ANYWHERE – they put a hammock up between two trucks.
  • In a hammock UNDER a truck – attached to the frame of the bed of a 20 wheeled truck.
  • Anywhere they are having monks chant.
  • During meditation.
  • In their office.
  • At a restaurant.
  • In their car, taxi, tuk-tuk, or song-laew.
  • On bleachers at a sports game.
  • On a motorbike as their friend is driving – the driver is HOLDING the drunk, sleeping person upright to keep him or her from falling off the bike.
  • I’ve also seen guys NOT being held by someone else, just leaning hard on the driver – with his arms wrapped around the driver – and not falling off, but unconscious for sure.

Man falls asleep in comfortable bed – AFTER HE ROBS someone’s house!


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2 thoughts on “Thai Culture: Thai People Sleep ANYWHERE!

  • September 6, 2009 at 8:03 am

    I had a kid fall asleep in my IT class. As I dismissed the class I saw everyone shhhhhhushing and everyone quietly left the room(odd). And there was one student left and he looked a lot like the student shown above with a puddle of drool. I woke him up a few minutes later and he was shocked when he saw the empty classroom. His friends waiting outside liked how I played along. I’ll make my class more fun next time.

    • September 6, 2009 at 8:48 am

      Pete – I wouldn’t be TOO surprised if it was that same kid – he was really a great kid, but maybe taking too many extra classes after school or maybe playing too many video games or something? He’s in a band too – so, maybe that’s it? Practicing? What about “Bee” – that girl was asleep more than awake in my classes… like she was on codeine or something! lol – fast times at suratthani high…


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