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Thai Men NOT Doing Their Job?

This story comes out of The Nation news.

The survey results are in question – but, it’s by DUREX condoms and they probably have a good idea about how to do a survey. Now, whether or not they know what to do with the results or not – is always in question. Statistics can be manipulated SO MANY ways as those of you that ever took a research class would understand.

If these results and the statement by the Thai sexologist are true about Thai men – they are outrageous! And, worse – if the Chinese and Japanese figures are correct they should just stop having sex altogether. What’s the point?

My comments in blue…

70% of Thai women cannot achieve orgasm

A recent global sex survey found that 70 per cent of Thai women cannot achieve orgasm. Others reach orgasm through masturbation or having sex with another woman, while 79 per cent of Thai men climax during sex, according to research by condom manufacturer Durex.

79% of men DO climax and 70% of women DON’T! Wow, that’s a huge difference. If we’re looking at 1000 couples, 790 men climax and only 300 women do. Wait a second, that might be about right anywhere… No, the USA must be higher – they neglect to tell us the figures there.

The survey was conducted in 26 countries and questioned 26,000 respondents about their sexual behaviour and attitudes. It revealed that 54 per cent of Thai couples cannot reach orgasm, while Italians, Spanish, Mexicans and South Africans are the most likely to climax almost every time, at 66 per cent. Only 24 per cent of Chinese couples achieve orgasm and the Japanese recorded 27 per cent.

I knew those damn Spanish – Latinos must be rocking the house. Hahha, joking of course… What about the USA? We do have a lot of Mexicans, African Americans and Spanish – they would contribute to our high marks. But, damn, we have a hell of a lot of Chinese and Japanese too. Maybe if they’re Chinese or Japanese in America – they have a higher incidence of “O”? All they’d have to do is watch some hip-hop videos to get the basic motions down. From there I’d guess it’s a walk in the park. Or, if the Chinese & Japanese couples invited their favorite Latino, African American or Mexican over for some drinks and to spend some time on foreplay and then should be easy from there maybe…

Sexologist Dr Pansak Sugkrakroek says most Thai women cannot reach orgasm because their partners do not know how to help them. “They just care about themselves,” he says. “Making love is a kind of art that they have to learn so that they can help their partners.” Pansak says some couples end relationships because they cannot help each other to reach orgasm.

Ha! That’s a male sexologist – Thai – telling the world this. Thai men just care about themselves. If this is true – it gives some credence to the rumors that I never bothered to believe. Sure I’ve heard stories from farang girls that have dated Thai guys but I blew it off. Maybe they don’t know how farang girls need it. You know? Maybe they were superheroes with Thai girls – who knows?

Does this sexologist know what HE’S doing to satisfy his partner? If his partner is a female there’s a 70% chance he doesn’t.

Taking more time can have a significant impact on the quality of orgasms. Those Thais fully satisfied with the intensity of their orgasms spend on average 3.9 more minutes on foreplay than those who are not, he adds.

I don’t know about you – but I must spend 4 minutes pulling her out of her always too tight jeans.

“Even though orgasms are not the be all and end all of sex, regularly achieving them improves emotional and overall wellbeing, as well as a bond with a partner. It can also help to reduce life’s stresses. Ideally, people should try to have orgasms regularly,” he says.

Great advice doc.

However, he suggests women should not fake orgasms because it could lead to conflict if partners discover the woman is not being sincere. He advises couples to learn how to improve their relationship rather than focus on orgasms.

Didn’t he just say to try to have orgasms regularly?

* black text from “The Nation” 4/29/08

Hey – what about the ladyboys? I’ll venture to bet there’s not a ladyboy in the country that doesn’t have orgasms regularly and violently.

Anyone with me? They’ve gotta be the most sexually charged people in the whole country – besides the Arabs.

I’m so politically incorrect today.


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2 thoughts on “Thai Men NOT Doing Their Job?

  • November 18, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    “I don’t know about you – but I must spend 4 minutes pulling her out of her always too tight jeans”. Vern, your nuts. I just spit coffee through my nose when I read that… :-)

  • November 18, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    “I don’t know about you – but I must spend 4 minutes pulling her out of her always too tight jeans”. Vern, your nuts. I just spit coffee through my nose when I read that… :-)


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