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Want to Help a Poor Thai Family?

Story from Pattaya City News (.net)

Here’s something we should see more of… not being Thai I don’t hear about this stuff often. It’s not that Thai people don’t care, but each Thai person probably knows 20 families like this one. Send them a few baht by transferring from your Thai bank (any) through the ATM machine. Follow the instructions for transferring – it’s easy and you’ll have no excuse for not doing it. Really, you’ll feel like you did something…

The article said she was always excluded from social gatherings – do the Thai kids exclude poor kids from their groups? There must be a hell of a lot of poor kids, how do they choose who gets excluded? I haven’t seen that in Thai schools, but of course I was teaching in the ENglish program and all the parents of those kids have enough money.

Man, a very heartbreaking story… even if I don’t know the whole story and background…

Deputy Mayor helps 11 year old Student living rough behind a Chinese Cemetary.

Deckjing Saroshar aged 11 is a bright student who attends Pattaya School Number 2. Everyday she arrives at school in her white and blue uniform and appears to be a happy child. However, Teachers have been concerned why she is constantly excluded from social gatherings at lunch and afternoon breaks. They were also concerned about her weight and decided to do some investigation into her living conditions and were shocked to find that she was living with her jobless Father in a tin hut behind a Chinese Cemetery in Naklua. Information was passed on to Khun Ronagit, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya who was told that the girl’s father, Khun Tongpraer aged 35 would sometimes not have enough money to feed himself or his daughter. He had come to Pattaya 10 years ago to search for his Wife, without success. He was unable to find work and now collects recyclable items from the street. He uses most of the money to educate and feed his daughter. The Deputy Mayor decided to help out the pair and opened an account for the girl at the Government Savings Bank and placed an undisclosed personal donation inside the account. If you would like more information on the Girl and her Father please call the Pattaya City Call Center on 1337 or you can send a donation direct to account number 03-2105-20-112608-2 at the Government Savings Bank.


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