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Baby Copperheaded Racer Snake Video

3videos below –

These snakes are really beautiful – great colors and patterns, but besides that they are great when they strike. Even this little 12-15″ baby racer has balls at such a young age.

They curl up their necks in a multiple S pattern before they strike. The adults strike so hard they can come 1.5 meters or more in the air at you. I met up with a 2 meter copperheaded racer the other month and was surprised when he came at me like a cobra would… ready to strike and moving right at me – not getting away as soon as possible.

So anyway, here was this little racer I’d just pulled off the highway because I missed running over his head by 1 inch with my motorbike. I put him on the sidewalk and you can see the rest in the video. Unfortunately it’s my phone’s video, but in a pinch it worked well enough.

Below is a Thai guy handling one they use at a show in Thailand. This one is a bit slow because he’s been in captivity a while. He’s not as strong / fast as he would be in the wild. These are fast snakes and great strikers in the wild.

This one is the one I was telling you about – the 2 meter snake that was crossing the road when I got lucky to see him. He comes after me – and I wasn’t ready for it – losing him from the shot a couple times.
I called it a yellow rat snake because that’s similar to what it looks like in USA. I’ve since learned the correct name.

These snakes are not poisonous – but, do you know what to do in case you or a friend is bitten by a poisonous snake in Thailand? Read this quick faq to find out:

Thailand Snakes FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding Thailand’s poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes.


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