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Cave Snakes in Thailand

Thailand cave snake

There are snakes all over Thailand – even deep in the caves. The other day a friend and I got a guided tour from a monk through a cave that I’ve been through on about 10 occasions. Usually I just went straight through the cave to the other side. This time the monk took us through a small crack in the wall and we ended up in a couple different rooms with nice limestone formations.

It was all well and good – and we were having trouble breathing. There’s little air in some of the rooms of the cave. The monk kept squeezing through smaller and smaller holes. So, blindly we followed – trusting him.

He stopped at one point and pointed to the wall and said “NGOO”… My eyes lit up and I was instantly fishing in my backpack for my digital camera and video recorder.

On a limestone ledge was a picture perfect 1.75-2 meter cave snake. Elaphe taeniura ridleyi. It must have just shed it’s skin and was brightly colored and chilling in the cave there. I took some photos even 1 foot away from him and he was very calm. These bats can catch bats out of the air. They’re great climbers. The monk said there were two of them there in the cave. I’ll be back to find the other one this weekend.

I’ve looked for long time to find these snakes – and bang, unexpectedly it turns up. Now I’m buying a cave-lamp for my head (or 3 for backup) and hitting the caves to find more of these. I’d love to find them feeding. Stay tuned…

I’m wondering – should I change ThaiPulse to SnakePulse? I’m finding lots of great snakes… last night there was a 5 meter python that ate a goat that I got photos and videos of… will post that tomorrow maybe.

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