What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Cobra Encounter…


Flying fast down twisty roads, slammed on the brakes to avoid a cement truck fully parked in my lane – on a blind curve…

Speed back up and flying toward the hiking spot just as a light rain began to fall.

“What was tha…?”

SCREECH the brakes and skid to a stop, completely forgetting my friend was following me on his motorbike. I look back just in time to see his front tire miss the head of the snake I saw crossing the road a half-second before.

He still doesn’t know why I stopped and I’m running back toward him- he must have thought I was momentarily insane…

I was. I had snake fever. In a very bad way.

When I saw the hood come up – I almost screamed out – “Cobra! Can you get your video camera?”

I found a stick and started slowing him down from getting into the grass. Film was rolling… I played with him for 20 minutes or so. The hisses of air that accompany each serious strike were awesome to experience about 15 inches from his mouth.

I’ve yet to get a copy of my friend’s video footage – but will stick that and mine on my YouTube Thailand Travel Channel in a few days.

There’s just something about cobras… wicked cool snakes.

Here’s a short video of a guy bitten by a monocled cobra – a much larger one than I have here, but apparently the little ones are quite able to kill you too.

I think they have a number of ‘facts’ wrong in their reporting of this… like they say one bite from this type of snake can kill an elephant. I haven’t heard that one. I’ve seen that a King Cobra can bring down an elephant. I saw one die from a bite (online). However, the venom from the monocled cobras is supposedly more potent than King Cobra venom – it’s just that king cobras have a whole lot more of it they can inject with a bite.

They also say monocled cobras are the deadliest snakes in the world… I think that title belongs to the Inland Taipan snake – for deadliest venom. And the most deadly snake in terms of number of deaths, is the Russell’s Viper (Chain viper) – also found here in Thailand, though I’ve not seen one yet.

If you want to learn more information about Cobras and other poisonous (venomous) and nonpoisonous snakes in Thailand I put this together:

Thailand Snakes FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding Thailand’s poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes.


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