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Thai Wildlife: Crocodile Hunter… Did he ever get pissed on?

Thailand Frog gives it To Me Right in the Eye

Thailand frog, a wildlife paradise here

I like to investigate Thai wildlife. If you go to my main site – www.thaipulse.com you’ll see some Thai wildlife videos that I took in the video section. Update: I now have ThailandSnakes.com.

I know there’s a fine line between investigating and harassment, and I try not to cross that line. But, I’m curious. How am I going to experience something new unless I’m doing something new? How am I supposed to see that this frog that’s wedged in the corner of my porch is poisonous or not? I gotta catch it and take a closer look.

I set up the video camera on the tripod. I’ve not even looked to see if I caught the footage or what I said… but, I’ll put it here for you to download too.

Frog catching video > video is about 6.3 MB. With a fast connection, no problem. With the connection we have in Thailand since the suboceanic cable was damaged? Maybe 25 minutes to download… can bookmark for later when your connection comes back strong.

I reached up with the net… put the net around him, and I relaxed… there… I’ve got him! He did nothing for a second… in hindsight, I realize he was dreaming of a sexy Ms. Froggy and not at all aware he was now in my capable hands.

I moved the net slightly and he starts jumping and spraying stuff all over me… it was like when I was 5 years old at the outdoor art show my aunt had taken us to. She told us to go behind the bushes and take a leak. We did. I pointed mine down. My brother starts playing “cross the stream” piss games and he gets excited and laughs and turns – and there’s piss all over me!

This was like that. Though nobody was around, just you loyal readers and I know you wouldn’t laugh at me getting piss in my face, right eye, corner of the right side of my mouth, and all over my arms… we’re expats… we don’t laugh at a fellow expat’s stupidity. That much I know.

So finally I catch him… and well, the rest you know from seeing the video.

Ha! I just looked at the video – and while I thought I had lost the frog for a minute -he was THERE the entire time. I was looking through the camera’s screen and I don’t’ know HOW I missed the frog on the ground – but you’ll see it in the video… very strange. I KNEW that frog couldn’t have gone somewhere that quickly -and yet, he must have put some Jedi mind trick in that piss in my eye – to make me not see him.

Was Crocodile hunter Steve ever PISSED on by something? He HAD to be. And I don’t ever remember seeing that in his show. I’m sure it happened, but I didn’t get to see many episodes… the ones I did see were quite good – I’d never turn it off if I was flipping channels and saw him on. WHO COULD blow past it?

Anyway – the rest of the video is a monster mosquito I track and electrify with the mosquito racquet… also riveting material you won’t want to miss…


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