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Thailand Monkeys Video and Howling Audio

We went to a mountain top park here in Surat today to see the howling monkeys, but I forgot something that was ESSENTIAL to the video I wanted to get.

We'll have to revisit quickly before we leave here.  Anyway, we didn't leave empty handed.

The place is called Khao Thapet and is just down route 4009 in Surat, heading away from Surat town and toward Rajabhat University.  It's maybe 300 meters vertical and offers great views, but more importantly it's cooler there during the day. Today the temperature is maybe 38+ C and that's quite warm in the sun.  It's very shady up on the mountain.

Everytime I go I need to take pictures or video of the monkeys. We had some killer video that we took with a poor quality video cam, but we have misplaced it. Probably in archive folder on one of these hard drives.  Not excited about looking for it – would rather re-shoot it with the new cell phone video cam and see how much better it turns out.

Our favorite monkey was still there – where the hell else is he going? He's locked in there – for the year that we've been here anyway.  There was a sliding pin in the gate, it would've been easy to let him loose… but I had visions of him jumping on me and biting my neck or something savage like that. Not so sure the park staff would take to kindly to me setting free their pets.

The monkeys gotta be TIRED of that life, don't you think?  Each time we go – the monkey that you see in this video is kind of psychotic… he grabs at me, slaps my hand, and bares his teeth when we really get playing.  Today he turned around with his back to me against the fence and I tickled him under the arm and he jumped a bit.  That was cool.  That's about the only thing cool about this trip when we come – the monkeys aren't TOTALLY mental yet.

Here's one video I shot of me playing with the monkey – watch him land on the ground after jumping around – he lands on his FACE one time!  Crank up the video and hear how hard he hits the concrete when he 'falls'.

Thailand Monkey Video 1>
At youtube, a new window opens… hit the pause button while it loads so you can see the whole thing at once.

I'll upload another video or audio of the monkeys in the other cage howling – it's awesome. Sounds like bombs dropping. Very odd.

Ok, that's it for today I think – unless I find something in the news that must go up.

Oh, oh, the audio of the screamers – below…

Monkeys howling > mp3 format, about 225kb
Listen to this file only up to one minute then you can kill it, they stopped screaming after that… I haven't edited out the last part – need to find a program to edit mp3s to cut them where I want…

Enjoy the files,



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