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Thailand’s Snake Season Approaches

Snake season – when the snakes are all over the place, is coming up. June-July is when it starts. The rains become more frequent and the snakes come out after a long period of hiding out in cooler places because the weather was so hot and dry before this. A good time to find snakes in Thailand!

Last night I was at the pharmacy – just as I pull up I see a 10 inch red-necked keelback snake on the ground by the motorbike tire. The husband of the pharmacist is standing nearby – and I then saw, he had a bamboo stick. I said – “snake!” He said, “yes, I killed it”.

Then I saw he’d already crushed the head and it was just wiggling around – not knowing it’s dead yet. Snake zombie. That sucked – but I understand people’s intolerance to having them roam around their garage. This one would never bite anyone unless they stepped right on it – and then, wouldn’t do much damage unless they let it bite for an extended period of time.

I picked it up and tossed it across the road… His wife said they’ve had 2 snakes in the past week. Why can’t I get that lucky at my house? Anyway I have 2 more snakes to show you – both non-venomous.

Laotian Wolf Snake - Thailand
Laotian Wolf Snake - Thailand. Non-venomous. Bites often, and very fast.

Laotian Wolf Snake (above) – black with yellow stripes. Some might confuse it with the deadly yellow/black kraits, or the dangerous mangrove snake. This one’s a biter – but doesn’t have venom toxic to humans. See a full review on this snake here: Laotian Wolf Snake

Next snake, Red Tailed Pipe Snake…

Red Tailed Pipe Snake - Thailand. Bottom side.
Beautiful underside...
Red Tailed Pipe Snake - Thailand. Top side.
The top s totally black. Head is small and I've yet to see the eyes.

The other one is an odd little snake – a red-tailed pipe snake – non venomous, thick, ground burrower. It has a thick tail that, when flattened somewhat resembles a cobra’s neck you can see in the video I’ll have online in a minute (link coming soon). The tip of the tail is red-orange and contrasts with the black of the body well. A cool snake that most people would kill too if they saw it but, it probably physically can’t even bite you – the mouth is so small. See full review on this snake here – Red-tailed pipe snake

After a few more rains I’ll start going out into the roads and some flat dirt spots bordering palm plantations, rice fields, streams and such.

If anyone has a snake you’ve caught and want to sell me – that’d be something I’d consider.

Also if you have photos you want to share so I can get a photo of every species of Thailand snake on this ThailandSnakes.com site – that’d be great – send them.

Video of Red Tailed Pipe Snake:

Video of Laotian Wolf Snake:


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