What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Thailand’s Wildlife: Snakes, geckos, lizards, beetles, spiders, centipedes…

Giant Tokay Gecko in Phuket

Gecko called Too-geh

Thailand has some really cool wildlife living here.

My first introduction to that was my 1st night in Phuket at Green Garden Bungalows… I heard some CRAZY beast squawking in my window! Now, I had heard geckos in Hawaii before and I was quite used that. No, this was a guttural squeal sound that made me sit up in bed.

It was a too-geh. The large geckos that have the scary skin that Thais’ are afraid of – they think they’re evil. They also say that if you hear the sound as you are exiting the house it’s good luck. Some people in Isaan eat them. A 14-year-old girl I taught conversational English to in Isaan has these on her walls in her bedroom – she picks them up and isn’t afraid of them. Others will tell you they are aggressive and will JUMP ON YOU if they are angry or think you’re invading their space!

Here’s a too-geh I found on the wall at Suan Mokkh Wat in Chaiya – normally they’re not found in daylight much.

Monocled Cobra in Phuket Beach Restroom

The 2nd thing I saw in Phuket was a cobra in the women’s outhouse. A pregnant girl had been using it and went for the water scooper to flush -and saw this 2-meter cobra behind the toilet with a frog in its mouth. They killed it. That’s usually what they do when they see snakes here.

Walking to bury our dog at a temple in Surat one morning we are climbing the outdoor stairs… we bury the dog close to the Buddha statue. We had found the dog at a wat in Krabi and he was sick so we thought to bury him at a wat also.

It’s now 2019. Interesting reading this post because this is where my love of wildlife inspired me to create ThailandSnakes.com. I have the largest Thailand snake site in the country! (bragging a bit, yeah…)

On the way down I stop because I see this snake hanging on some leaves. WOW. Triangle head. Mildly poisonous. A small pit viper – I forget which exactly but I found it ThailandSnakes.com. I played with it a bit – with the end of the shovel we used to bury the dog. Then I set him off the path into the woods. He was almost sleepy and not aggressive at all. In daytime most snakes are sleepy, they’re active at night.

Also at Suan Mokkh, I found this large spider with 7 legs. I don’t’ know anything about this spider. Is this a banana spider?

I found this rainbow skin snake while snake hunting out in the countryside near Ban Na San…

The colorful beetle flew in the house a couple times- keeps coming back.

The large black beetle was found by a student of mine in Ubon Ratchathani – and he brought it to school.

The toad is a poisonous cane toad – a variety is also found in Australia and Hawaii has them too. They have poison glands behind their eyes that secrete a milky substance. You can die if you eat this. Recently some folks died because they ate the eggs.

So I find Thailand exciting for this reason… do you know how exciting it is to go look for poisonous snakes, centipedes, frogs and stuff? It’s a kick! What kind of wildlife have you seen since coming to Thailand?

Thailand Snakes FAQ >


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