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Thailand Digital Nomads – What Is Your Focus in 2015?

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Thailand has racked up quite a number of digital nomads running around the country over the past few years. There are a ton of internet marketing types and those running their own online businesses in Thailand.

Where are most of the digital nomads in Thailand?

Besides Bangkok, probably the most digital nomads have planted themselves in Chiang Mai.

Why Chiang Mai? Cooler weather, good food, a lot of resources and people doing the same thing they can interact with, and an easy border run.

Chiang Mai is absolutely filled with people doing graphics design, web design, search engine opt., writing freelance articles for cash, translation jobs, and anything else you can do online. The whole ‘digital nomad’ name has gained traction over a couple of years and this is what people working online tend to call themselves. I’m not in Chiang Mai, but I’m teaching beginners how to blog from Thailand on some of my other sites.

Recently DurianRider from Australia was here in Chiang Mai. He’s the YouTube guy known for speaking his mind about everything he’s doing – bike riding, racing, steroids, eating fruit, eating raw, eating sugar, eating rice. He’s holding a raw fruit festival in a couple of months. He’s absolutely killing it on YouTube. He makes me look like I’ve done nothing there at all.

Glenn from ViperChill.com was here in Bangkok for a while. He was making some ungodly amount of money each month with his partner. I think he said he is also spending time in Singapore a bit lately.

Cody McKibben has started doing some sort of mastermind group in Krabi for 10 days and $2,500 – $3,500. I know a programmer working from Freelance.com over in Nakhon Si Thammarat. He’s been there for years and years, now he’s building a house with what he’s made from coding. I know a couple guys writing freelance articles and another couple of website coders. I have friends just getting into online projects that are trying to make their first $1,000 online.

I’ve done a number of things over my adult years. Lately it has been maintaining my own websites and writing for them. I wrote a bunch of books, and some of them did well for a while. Amazon seems to have died lately for whatever reason. Maybe just too much competition now that they have so many ebooks for sale.

For the last nine months or so. Well, really for the last few years, I’ve been wondering what in the world to focus on. Finally at the end of this year (2014) I got really motivated to make big changes in my life.

I needed to find something to go ALL IN on.

All In means I need to focus on just one thing in 2015. I struggled now for months to figure out what it was going to be. I wanted to continue being a digital nomad in Thailand if at all possible. I was looking at moving to Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I don’t think it’s a good idea to move. Thailand is OK for the time being. Nothing major happening, though a major event is on the horizon that nobody in their right mind is talking about on their blog.

Then it hit me… Coding Swift to create iPhone applications for the iTunes store.

Coding. Writing programs. Writing apps. Coding apps. Making iPhone apps is particularly what I want to talk about today.

I’d considered it for years. I was thinking about learning C++ back in 2000. I thought it was going to be overwhelming and that I wouldn’t enjoy it all that much.

2015 is a new year, and in June Apple gave me a gift. Swift. This is a new code that one uses through XCode, Apple’s coding software, to build iPhone and iPad applications to sell in iTunes. I’ve had a few good ideas for apps to build, and yet I couldn’t find someone to build them for free. Go figure, right? These guys get paid $30-50 per hour in Thailand (minimum) to code apps. A typical app might cost $15,000. Or so. Nobody wants to spend that many hours coding and then have the thing flop. I sure didn’t want to spend that sort of money and have my apps flop either. Too scary.

So I’ve decided that 2015 is the year I go ALL IN and code iOS apps.

Then I got crazy. I decided 2015 is the year that I not only code apps, but, I create a site and whole new training program for others that want to code in Swift too! I am just putting the finishing touches on the aesthetics and trying to get some information on there to help G! figure out what it is so they can index it.

SWIFTmonk.com will be focused on helping to motivate non-coders to start coding in Swift in 2015. I’m really psyched about this idea. It is incredible for so many reasons.


  • I am creating a comprehensive Swift Training Course
  • easier than ever to learn programming in XCode
  • heaps of jobs if you ever wanted to work for someone from home or at a company
  • create your own apps and possibly make it big
  • reinvent yourself with something that will give you skills for the future
  • writing, photography, singing, creating YouTube videos, are all going nowhere
  • coders have a job for the rest of their lives – learn Swift and it is easy to learn another language
  • remain or become a digital nomad and either travel or stay put anywhere you choose
  • everyone loves a GEEK

Best of luck to you in 2015. I hope I see you coding. If you do decide to learn Swift, can you zap me an email and let me know what your plans are? I’d like to meet more people learning Swift in Thailand in 2015. I’ll be building up a network of like-minded geeks.

If you need to start a blog – and you definitely do – here’s a guide to help you set up your first blog in just 5 minutes. It includes how to go get hosting and a domain name.




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