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Is Thailand Safe to Visit?

Question: Is Thailand safe to visit at this time?

Answer: This is a frequently asked question and the answer changes all the time.

Today is it safe – yes. In one week? Nobody can say. Usually the answer depends on what you plan on doing when you’re here in Thailand. If you plan on visiting the deep south – you won’t be safe no matter when you come. That violence won’t be dying down anytime soon. If you want to spend your whole vacation in Bangkok – right now you’d be safe, but, the Red Shirts have demonstrations planned in the near future – and will even celebrate the ousted ex-premier’s birthday soon.

Thailand’s political situation is always unstable. The current government will pass as will probably the next few without giving Thailand the stability it needs to become a world-class destination. It’s been relatively quiet here for the last 15+ years. Whose to say what the next few years hold in store?

Even with the political situation being as unstable as it is – Thais don’t fear for their safety in general outside of Bangkok. Should you? No, I don’t think so. You won’t likely be the target of anyone with political aspirations or bones to chew. You didn’t have anything to do with politics as a visitor, and so you won’t likely be targeted during demonstrations or politically motivated violence.

Thailand will probably for quite a few years have a political climate that is less than ideal, less than stable. In fact, it’s been that way for many years. Probably the small danger that exists here is also present to a greater degree in many other locations you could choose for vacation.

If you visit Thailand stay clear of the deep south and Bangkok and you shouldn’t have a problem!

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