What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

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48 Million Views! I’ve been slack on the Thailand Living channel lately, don’t expect too much. Will add some in 2019 as we travel a bit. See what happens…

I have the original “Thailand Living” video channel on YouTube with 51,000+ subscribers, and checking views right now, they’re up to a whopping 48,000,000+. If you haven’t yet taken a look, here’s the channel link:

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On Jan 16, 2007, I was trying to be an “English Teacher” at a respected school (high school) in southern Thailand. I smashed my way through a term of it and was getting into the second term when I realized I was doing a disservice to the kids, and myself. I decided I was going to go back into digital marketing using video and websites, like I had been doing back in the states since 1998.

Over the next couple of years I built up some websites like ThaiPulse.com; Crank101.com; JoysThaiFood.com (pulled it recently); and about thirty others. I wrote like a fiend for a few years, racking up thousands of blog posts about living in Thailand and what it was like. I wrote books about living in Thailand. I wrote fiction about life in Thailand, from a fictional point of view, of course. ;)

Things went well for a while. Then I got complacent. Lazy, is a better word. Since moving to Thailand I hadn’t thought much at all about making more money. I was living off savings, and that was good enough. I had busted my ass in the states to make over $100K per year, and I just wasn’t interested in doing that anymore. Thailand Living was “Easy Living.” I intended to do some of that.

Now that I have, I find myself thinking about busting my ass again. Thing is, the Thailand Living YouTube Channel is nearly defunct. I ran foul of their algorithm and it doesn’t love me long time anymore. In fact, I don’t think it loves me AT ALL anymore. So now, I put out a video and I get a couple hundred views, not 25,000 like in the Golden Years of 2009-2014. Ah well, things change.

I need to write more books. Ever since I wrote my first book and had a taste of success, I’ve been wondering about doing it bigger the next time. Thing is, I can’t seem to get infected with a great book idea. I have lots of ideas, but just nothing that is so urgent that I must sit down and write it NOW.

Thailand Living for most expats is pretty damn easy. If you’re an expat, chances are you are living life on a low setting of around 1-2 and you rarely crank up the volume. It’s just too easy to live easily here, and there are very few motivators to get things up and cranking. I tried to do some videos to wake myself up a couple years back. Here’s one.


I spent some time in Ubon Ratchathani hanging out with a 60 year old retiree from the states. His everyday plan was as follows.

  • 0600 wake up and read online news, especially financial markets.
  • 0700 eat with his lovely wife about 35 years his junior
  • shower
  • 0900 sit at one of his favorite coffee shops with the Bangkok Post and read it until lunch while frequently taking time to leer at the wives shopping
  • 1200 eat lunch at one of the local spots
  • 1300 go back to the coffee shop and think about starting a business, or just leer at the college kids from Rajabhat
  • 1500 go back home for a nap
  • 1700 wake up and think about where to have dinner (out)
  • 1800 go eat seafood with his trophy wife. ALWAYS seafood.
  • 2030 home for some adult dvds or listening to music while he banged his trophy wife

That was his life. That IS his life, assuming he’s still alive.

Is that your life? I’m not judging, I’m just commenting on the average life of male expats in the country. I have spent my time doing the same thing, but thankfully (to what, I’m not sure), I get bouts of ambition and have to do something.

I’m feeling like that now. Something needs to happen. I think it’s a book. I think it’s a fiction book. It is not a fiction book about Thailand Living. Maybe aliens or AI. Maybe a group that murders people. Something spicy.

Well, that aimless post was probably enough for you. I’ll top it off with some photos of me Living in Thailand, and some stuff I’ve seen as I go about my Thailand Living dream that was only supposed to be a year, but turned out to be 14.

Was trail running for a while until I had a string of injuries that has continued for 3 yrs. Hopefully coming back in 2019.
Did a lot of snake stuff from 2008 to 2019. Just about done with it now though. Overdid it I think! Checkout ThailandSnakes.com if you get a chance.
Who knew grandma’s peepers would be a perfect fit?

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