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Krabi Photo Gallery

Krabi, Thailand is one of the most photogenic provinces in the whole country. This gallery and our other collections are just a very small sampling of some of the tens of thousands of photos we’ve taken there. It is every bit as beautiful as the photos you see here.

Wat Tum Sua Krabi Buddhist Temple Sunset. Located just outside Krabi Town. Sunset at 1830 hours.
Amazing sky in Tub Kaak, Krabi, Thailand.
Sunset at Tub Kaak, Krabi Ocean. Located further west from Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara beaches, close to Thalen Bay.
Tha Pom freshwater stream in Tub Kaak, Krabi province. A beautiful, protected reserve. You can swim at the base of the stream where it meets the ocean.
Sra Gaew Pond - deepest freshwater lake in southeast Asia - over 200 meters deep. Krabi, Thailand
Rainbow over palm and rubber plantations in Krabi, Thailand. There are frequent rainbows in Krabi because it rains a lot from July through November.
Railay Beach West, Krabi Province, Thailand. Few beaches are as nice as in Railay east and west. Go for a day, even if you don't stay overnight. Longtail boats leave from Ao Nang Beach, Ao Nam Mao beach, and Krabi Town.
Private Beach in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand. This can be found by walking south east on Ao Nang Beach until you come to the wooden staircase up the mountain. Climb it and you'll reach this oasis.
This secret beach in Ao Nam Mao, Krabi, is located near the ancient fossil site. At the top of the prehistoric fossil site can be seen this beach if you look to the right.
Pineapples growing in red dirt in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand. In Hawaii the red dirt is from the high iron content in the soil - from exploding volcanoes. I'm not sure about in Thailand if it's the same reason, but there is a lot of red dirt in Thailand too.
Noppharat Thara Beach in Krabi, Thailand. This is the ultimate Krabi family beach - Thais know about it, but few tourists find it. It's past the western most end of Ao Nang and Noppharat Beaches.
Noppharat Thara Beach in Krabi, Thailand looking east toward Railay beach.
Noppharat Thara Beach in Krabi, Thailand looking east up the beach. There are very large fur trees that give great shade. This is one of the great beaches in Thailand for picnics.
Limestone karst formations in Krabi, Thailand. There are hundreds of these all over Krabi province.
Krabi river close to where it meets the Andaman Sea. Way up the river is Wat Tum Sua mountaintop shrine.
Krabi fishing lake. Fish here for 50 baht - including equipment. If you catch a catfish - and you probably will - you can either pay to keep it or let it go.
Hang Norn Mountain Peak in Tub Kaak, Krabi, Thailand. This is located near Thalen bay and way past Noppharat Thara beach in Tub Kaak. 500m vertical height. 3.7km trail. Great fun.
Khao Phanom Bencha Mountain and National Park, Krabi, Thailand. The waterfall - Huay Toh is open, the mountain trail had some landslides and will be closed for some time.
The sky looked like a grey cracking painting in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand
Crystal Pond or Crystal Lagoon in Krabi Province. Without doubt, one of the nicest places to see in Krabi. Try to go early before the school kids get out of school.
Elephant Trekking in Sra Gaew, Krabi, Thailand. This is the best spot I've found in Krabi, it's totally natural and nothing nearby. Beautiful caves and a 200m deep lake are visible from the trek.

I hope you enjoyed those photos of Krabi. If you’re considering coming to Krabi during your Thailand vacation, you should give See Krabi (.com) a visit. They live in Krabi, Thailand and can help you with your travel questions.

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  • March 5, 2013 at 10:46 am

    wow! amazing n beautiful places more than in main city Bangkok,In Bangkok nothing to view except hunting the girls. M really enjoyed to see those photos, wish want to go now. one day i “ll be there. I’am bored to live here in Bangkok. I need refreshment in natural like u have been there. Thanks a lot for uploading such a kind of beautiful places n for information. love n respect ur effort. good luck friend.


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