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Trang Photo Gallery

Trang is just south of the Thailand province of Krabi, by about 140 km (85-90 miles). The coast of Trang is remarkably unspoiled, there is none of the development Samui, Patong, Krabi, or virtually any other coastal town has seen in Thailand. Trang is a haven for those that love peace and quiet, or exploration. There are many islands to explore, great diving and snorkeling, caves to explore and places to eat. Trang is like a slow Krabi – if that’s possible.

More Trang Islands off the coast as we take a large tour boat to visit 4 islands. A great trip, highly recommended.
Snorkeling off boat in Trang. There were some box jellyfish in the water so I got out promptly, some people braved it.
Deserted Trang Island - at least as far as we could tell - this one had nobody on it.
Rocky Island off Trang coast. Some of the islands were entirely rocky, others had white sand beaches that were awesome to look at from the boat. This one is quite rocky.
Shot from back of the boat in Trang. Everything was a picture in Trang, if you haven't noticed.
Remote island interior in Trang. We went through a 100 meter long underwater cave to reach the inside of this island that was surrounding by high walls and the only way in and out was through the cave that tunneled through one side of the high cliffs. Awesome. Perhaps I never saw anything better than this in my life.
Interior of island in Trang, Thailand. Another shot of the inside area of this picture-perfect remote getaway. I could imagine coming here and staying overnight by myself... reading books on the iPad... hmmm. Amazing place. It doesn't get better than this.
Tour boat taking visitors to island tours in Trang. This was a boat like the one we were on for our 4-island tour.
Trang beach. The beaches in Trang are long and wide. There are plenty of places with tables under the trees and serving great Thai food for very reasonable cost. Compare this to Hawaii and you can't tell the difference, except the price is something anyone can afford. Great time in Trang, we'll be back in the next couple months.
Girl at Sunset on a Trang beach. The sunsets were outrageous - colorful and beautiful every night we were there.
Sunset over islands... again, just amazing.
Island hiding behind trees.
Large fir trees blanket the Trang beach area with cool shade.
Umbrellas shade diners at the Trang beach restaurants. Nice atmosphere.
Limestone mountain rising out of ocean. There are many of these types of scenes, this is not the only one! Trang is full of natural beauty that is comparable with any other amazing island paradise on earth.
River running into Andaman Ocean in Trang.
Limestone mountains in Andaman Sea of Trang coast.

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  • May 7, 2018 at 2:01 am

    Live in Trang.
    From California.
    Love this part of Thailand.
    Come visit my wife Tunnutchar and me at Mangpor family salon in Trang🌝🌝🌝


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