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Bangkok Flooding

There are conflicting statements coming out of many different mouths regarding the Bangkok flooding that will or won’t take place. It’s safe to say, we cannot take anything heard as fact – and it won’t all the sudden clear up and we’ll start getting good information.

I know little about flooding in the north – haven’t really been there. We said we’d go see Chiang Mai, Tak, Ayuddya and other places north of Bangkok someday – and we will, but now we are sure it won’t be during the rainy season. Every year the north floods to some degree and yet this year it appears to be different.

Was there that much more rain?

We’re only in mid-October. I don’t know if anybody remembers last year, but it rained through November and most of December here in the south anyway. What did it do in the north last year, I can’t say. I didn’t pay any attention.

Will it rain for a couple more months north of Bangkok? You could consider Bangkok to be in serious trouble if that happened.

While hoping for the best, I’m not optimistic that Bangkok won’t be totally devastated by the flood waters in the next couple of hours, days, or weeks.

If you have a dry place – offer your Bangkokian friends a dry place to stay for a few weeks until the major threat passes. If you live in Bangkok – the south is a nice place to be this time of year… few tourists and cool weather. We’ve had about half dry and half wet days here over the past 2 weeks. Really hoping the rain is about done here too.

Good luck to those of you in Bangkok that choose to stay and get through it.

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