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Phi Phi Hotels Ripped a New One at About.com

Suzanne Nam writes at GoThailand.about.com and recently she ripped Phi Phi hotels and employees of hotels a new hole in the bummy. Sorry, I’m talking baby-talk since we had our daughter 6 months back.

She says…

The problem is, Phi Phi isn’t a secret. Hoards of travelers descend on the tiny island every year. During high season it gets very crowded. At night the bars and clubs keep pumping out loud music till the middle of the night, which is great if you’re on the dance floor and really annoying if you’re trying to sleep.The island also has the worst selection of hotels in Thailand. Ok, I might be exaggerating a little but it is true that hotels on Ko Phi Phi are often disappointing. They’re expensive and not always well kept and service is not up to par with the standard super-friendly, accommodating attitude most people in Thailand have.

I can’t comment, having never been to Phi Phi.

Is it really that bad? Sure some tourists died staying in hotel rooms there… was that ever resolved? Was it drugs they took that contributed to their deaths, or was it something in the hotels’ rooms?

If the traveling population is going by what Suzanne says about Phi Phi hotels I think some people are just going to skip the islands and go elsewhere. Lanta?

Stay in Patong and watch ladyboys dance on tables at Cocktails & Dreams on Soi Ladyboy off Bangla?


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2 thoughts on “Phi Phi Hotels Ripped a New One at About.com

  • April 16, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Phi Phi is crowded for much the same reasons every touristic place can get crowded: it is worth visiting (and Phi Phi is very much so). Complaining about the negative consequences got old decades ago already. I found the Phi Phi hotels selection much the same as in every Thai tourist-spot: there’re good ones and there’re worse ones, and there’re also the ones in between. No news really.

  • April 22, 2010 at 3:52 am

    i agree with part of what valerin says — phi phi is beautiful and that’s why so many people come. as i noted in my original post, phi phi and the surrounding area are gorgeous, even more stunning than many other beautiful parts of thailand, so, even more people show up.

    i’m not complaining about phi phi hotels for the sake of complaining. i don’t think anyone should skip phi phi, which i also said in my original post, although you neither linked to it nor pasted it in its entirety. i am giving travelers a heads up that they should readjust their expectations.

    i have visited hundreds of hotels in thailand and, yeah, phi phi’s selection is worse. in almost every other part of the country where there are many hotels, there are bad, mediocre and good choices. in phi phi, unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars per night, you’re only going to get bad or mediocre. i don’t mean good as in 5 star luxury (although that can be good). a good hotel can be a 300 baht bungalow with a fan and shared bathroom depending on the circumstances. i mean good as in good value, good service, clean rooms, good location, no obvious flaws such as smelly bathrooms or music blaring so loud from the neighboring bar that you can’t fall asleep.

    obviously if you are going somewhere out of the way, you may not find a huge selection of hotels (in yala i found maybe 3 hotels total in areas foreigners might venture) but i’m talking about highly trafficked areas.


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