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Will Bag Grabs Continue in Pattaya? HELL YA!

As long as there are people carrying around cash in bags on their arm – hell ya. This woman – supposedly a famous Korean movie star was walking on Third road in Pattaya when her bag was grabbed by a Thai guy. What was in the bag?

About $21,000 USD in Korean won, Thai baht and US Dollars.

What the hell is someone thinking carrying 21,000 usd in a bag in Pattaya? Anyone’s guess. Probably doing a lot of shopping.

Did the Thai guy KNOW the cash was in there? Quite possibly he watched her at the bank, ATM, hotel, or wherever she came up with that cash. He might know hotel clerks that knew she was checked into a 9,000 baht a night room they might have given this guy the heads up that she might have a lot of cash. Actually I just noticed something in one of the photos, there are 6 photos at the PCN site. If you look above – she’s holding a Gucci bag. Probably it’s real if she’s a Korean movie star. Now, if someone was able to tell a real Gucci from a fake one – they might target her just for that reason alone.

What about you? Is there any way someone could know that you have a lot of valuable stuff on you as you walk around Pattaya? Do you have a 99bat gold chain on your neck? A rolex? A wad of 100, thousand baht notes in your wallet that makes you feel special in front of the Thais?

Ten thousand makes a purse grab “worth it” to a Thai guy without a job. Heck, for the number of times they’re caught doing it – 2000 baht is worth it.

Was 21,000 worth it? The police told this lady – don’t expect us to be able to find your cash. Hell no! If they do find it – will they search her out to return it to her? What’s your guess?

Keep a low profile wherever you go in Thailand. Sure, you think your teerak is in love with you and doesn’t care about your money… but someone she knows sure does. A few misplaced words to the wrong person – her brother for instance, might result in your untimely demise as he reappropriates your funds and belongings.

You wouldn’t act like a high-roller in Jamaica or Puerto Rico… why would you want to be one here? Stay incognito and stay alive.

Story below from PattayaCityNews.net

Bag containing nearly 700,000 Baht stolen from Korean Tourists on Pattaya Third Road.

Just after 11.30 on Monday Night a group of South Korean’s including an apparent well known movie star, made a complaint at Pattaya Police Station regarding a bag snatch which had just taken place at the central section of Pattaya Third Road. Police Lieutenant Colonel Sumreun took up the case and was told by Miss Choi Miryun aged 42 that a bag containing 6,800 Baht, 200,000 Korean Won and 20,000 US Dollars and personal items was taken by a Thai Man who drove beside the group as they were walking along the street. A description of the man was given to Police along with details of his motorbike, however Police have informed the group to expect not to see their cash and valuables again.


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