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Pantawee Hotel in Nong Khai – Overview / Review

We ended up in Nong Khai recently and relied on internet reports to find a hotel. We booked a night at the Pantawee hotel near the Pier right off Mee Chai Road for 900 THB per night after looking at the images on the countertop. They have many photos of the rooms – and they appeared to be pretty right on.

Once in the room I felt badly about paying 900 THB for the room. It should have been 400, or even 300 except for the fact that it had nice internet. We were too tired to go anywhere else though – it being mid-evening, so we settled in for a night of smelling the sewer through the restroom drain-pipes.

The Pantawee has a number of rooms – some of them over 1,500 THB. We didn’t check them out. My budget for our travel was 1,000 THB. I figure if you can’t find a decent hotel for that – don’t travel.

The negatives of Pantawee Hotel:

  • Sewage smell through drains came into room despite door being closed.
  • There were many windows – about 6? 8? They had sliding locks – that didn’t slide into the holes. This meant our room was essentially open for anyone that wanted to crawl through the poor windows.
  • Hot water shower was difficult to control – about 15 years old – the electric heater

The positives of Pantawee Hotel:

  • The staff was nice
  • Internet was fast
  • Food was decent – room service
  • Good location near the river – can walk

Overall –

I think the rate of 400 would have been much more appropriate… especially considering the next night we stayed at “Bussarakam” hotel in Khon Kaen for 900 THB and it was the difference of night and day. (Next hotel review)


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