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Overjoyed with her once in a lifetime (almost) flowers on Valentine’s Day!

That sneaky date rolls around every year and I’m not prepared for it. Why there’s a holiday in the middle of February where people send flowers to their loved ones, when there aren’t even flowers blooming in large parts of the world in February – I can’t guess.

Mark at GogoFlorist.com had my back on this one, and I didn’t even know it.

Weeks or months before, he had sent me a blind query email to see if I might be interested in sending some flowers to someone. It seemed like a good idea, and yet the email was quickly buried under a mess of other more urgent things, as is usually the case.

In the email I got recently, just before Valentine’s Day, Mark reminded me that he’d sent an email earlier that I must have missed or just didn’t have time to respond to. He was right on. But, he said, with Valentines Day just around the corner, maybe I’d reconsider and take advantage of their free flowers for someone I loved.

WOW. Talk about good timing, right? I immediately said yes, and I went to work searching his website for the right flower gift for my wife. Though we’ve been married only a couple years, we’ve been together and basically married for 14 yrs. Valentines Day flowers… this would shock her good!

I’m just one of those guys who doesn’t buy flowers for Valentines Day. Especially when I realized that most people in Thailand barely celebrate the holiday at all. My wife never complained, and early on I did give her flowers a couple of times, but I just got lazy I guess.

Mark from Flowers Thailand to the rescue. Despite a packed schedule, he was able to work my order in and on the morning of Valentines Day as I was driving 300 km to Satun province for a border run for my visa, my wife sent me a HUGE thank you on messenger. I’m sure she was completely blown away. I had ordered the Rose Bouquet from GogoFlorist and she sent me photos of her holding them. Yep, that’s her at the top of the page!

Prompt, courteous, and the flowers were exactly as they were pictured on GogoFlorist.com. I couldn’t have asked for better service or nicer flowers. They have nationwide delivery, and a wide selection of flower packages on their website.

If YOU haven’t sent flowers in Thailand for a long while, maybe you should have a look and see if there’s something that fits your budget. Thai girls don’t receive flowers generally, and you’ll probably blow her mind if you do make this special gesture. Don’t wait until Valentines Day either!!

Vern L.


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