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Thailand Tips #2: Best Beer

Liquid heaven in bottled form.
Liquid heaven in bottled form.

Personally my all-time favorite beer isn’t from Thailand, it’s “Beer Lao Dark” which god must make in Laos because there’s no way such an amazing beer comes from Asia. You can find some Beer Laos regular and dark in bars in Thailand but sometimes the flavor isn’t so great because it was transported in non-air conditioned trucks. The flavor dies in the heat. Best to get it at Chong Mek Border – the Beer Laos Brewery is within a few kilometers of the border and the beer is great tasting.

Beer Lao is imported to the states in Massachusetts and California. Finding a bar that has it might be a chore. Here’s the Beer Lao website >

Thailand expats seem to drink Heineken (Thailand brewed), Singha, Leo, and Tiger beers the most. Out of these I’d say Leo is the best of the bunch.

Beer Chang draft has been exceptional on occasion and again, I guess this relates to whether it was subjected to high heat in transit from the place of origin to the bar I’m drinking it at.

Similar to Corona Light in the states… there is some that tastes heavenly, and some that tastes and smells like they used toilet water to brew it – which I think is what happens when it sits in the sun for a few hours or days. Or weeks.


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