+ Sales Sheet and Blog, – $3,900 USD


  • domain name paid through 2019 at
  • all posts (610+), pages 3,000+, comments (~1,200)
  • rights to use all images, videos, graphics, mp3s, or other multimedia files found on-site at the server indefinitely as part of (not transferable)
  • and one for are completely setup and optimized for Google

Who Would Benefit by Purchasing ThaiPulse?

This site would be ideal for someone that wanted a giant jump-start on their Thailand blogging venture. If you’ve already started a blog you can easily import your WordPress or posts into If you wanted to start another blog, completely different from /blog/ you can leave /blog/ as it is – and create any number of other blogs – even a blog network if you like. You’ll see immediate traffic to your new blogs because they’ll be part of an already very successful website.

Another person that would benefit by purchasing ThaiPulse is someone that has a website, blog, Thailand based business… that needs to have inbound links from a trusted Thailand website. If you sell something in Thailand you can advertise that product or service all over ThaiPulse and increase sales. If you’re considering writing a book – you can use ThaiPulse as a traffic source to tell people about it.

Another person that would benefit from purchasing ThaiPulse is someone that sees the next level – another direction. As it is the site is focused on Thailand and Thai as the two main keywords. You might have an interest in Muay Thai. Thai Food. Thai travel. Teaching in Thailand. Thailand nightlife. Basically, anything related to Thais or Thailand – can be started from this site – and traffic will increase accordingly. When you already have 500 people at the site per day that are interested in Thailand – you already have a captive audience for whatever else you’re hoping to get them interested in about Thailand.


Google Analytics code is on all pages. There are also Godaddy stats that show different results, but are useful. Before you purchase I’ll give you total access to all Google analytics information. You’ll need a Google “account” – which means nothing more than a Google gmail address. I’ll also send you screenshots of all Godaddy stats.


Site started: November 2006

Average Unique Pageviews Per Day (averaged over last 30 days): 

Number of Pages (total):

Number of Blog Posts: 610+

Number of Comments: 1,200+

Successful Requests for Pages (Pageviews): 3,716,395

Successful Requests for Pages in Last 7 Days:

Total Data Transferred in Last 7 Days:

Long-tail Keywords:

Number of Videos Viewed On-Site: 167,000+ (does not include any YouTube video viewings)

Number of Referring Sites: 6,045


Currently there are some Google Adsense ads running on both sites. Some links go out to ebooks. That’s about it. We’ve not done much as far as setting the site up to make money for us. The real value for us was the links out to our other projects. If you want to make money directly from this site just by taking over and leaving it as it is you’ll make $120 to $150 per month.

There are no ads in the right column. You could sell 100×100 pixel ads for $25 per month each and get some revenue from that.

You could join an affiliate program and sell ebooks, Thai language software, Amazon products, or anything else Thailand related.

Top Keywords:

1. thailand, 2. thai, 3. blog, 4. bangkok, 5. living, 6. videos, 7. thaipulse, 8. photos, 9. snakes, 10. ebooks, 11. video, 12. buddhist, 13. teaching, 14. politics, 15. books, 16. temple, 17. sisaket, 18. snake, 19. expats, 20. it’s

More Information

Traffic has ramped up over time (attached graphic shows 2008-2010). We attribute it to the fact that there are so many pages and posts at the blog – over 600. There are only 2 other blogs in Thailand that have anywhere near that amount of quality posts – and pages. Notice I said quality. There are blogs that are full of junk posts – but, that’s how Google sees them – junk.  There is only one blog that has similar numbers of good-great posts. ( Both of those other blogs link to ThaiPulse.

If you’ve been in SEO a while you’ll know that Google takes a while to reach a tipping point where it starts to really dish out traffic to a site… I think ThaiPulse is getting there now and is seen as one of the premier Thailand websites and blogs now.

Inbound Links

Recently we partnered with a couple of other Grade A Thailand sites for Google link juice. As a result, traffic has increased because many inbound links have been added. There are now 24,500+ inbound links and over 103,000 internal links shown by Google’s Webmaster Tools.

There are some PR4 and higher sites that link to ThaiPulse. Those links won’t change after the sale.

We also started linking to from our YOUTUBE accounts PR5, PR4 pages. Every now and then we also shoot a link out from – another of our PR4 – sometimes PR5 sites.

Google usually ramps sites up slowly over the years. Each year passed is a milestone that Google rewards with more trust and authority given. We’re coming up on 4 years anniversary.

The Value of

I think the value of the site is more than a multiple of the current income because I haven’t maxed out the income. I think value lies in the extremely lengthy keyword longtail.

I think part of the value lies in branding – having this site out there for 4 yrs and having many expats know it by name and refer it to their friends. I’ve avoided linking out to adult sites or even expat sites that focus too much on the bad reasons for coming to TH. I was able to get into because of it.

Of course there is value in the money that can be made on the site. Over the last two months the average just from Adsense was $140 per month. As you can see – little has been done to increase that. We don’t have advertiser banners over on the right side columns. We have a couple of ebook ads, but the site is in no way maxed out with ads. You could choose to do that and make more income per month.

Primarily, the value of ThaiPulse lies in the authority and reputation it has with Google. There are few quality sites in Thailand with 600+ blog posts. There are even fewer with thousands of pages like main site has. ThaiPulse blog posts are indexed within seconds of posting. That’s the hallmark of a well-loved site by Google.

Part of the value of ThaiPulse is in Google knowing that for 4 years I ran Adsense on the site – and didn’t run afoul. Part of the value is in the depth of topics… The top keywords that bring traffic show thailand and thai first. That’s very important. I always write with the search engines in mind, and to increase the value of the site. Most bloggers write about what they saw on tv, at the market, or what the day was like teaching. Most people don’t ‘get it’. I’ve written about places and things that get searched on a lot. Over last 2 yrs – 47,000 + different keyword iterations have brought traffic to TP according to Google Analytics.

The theme I changed to recently is not so great for – and you might change that and see increases in Adsense. I was getting more before I changed it. The blog does better by showing the latest posts as the main content on the home page… I’ve tried putting “best of” static pages there before – and it’s not as good.

I like the cobra video at the top of the right column. It isn’t doing anything for adsense or RSS or building your list. You’d be better to remove that and stick a 250×250 or 300×250 ad at the top of that column. I had one there and it got good clicks.

Currently the site is focused on Thailand traffic – I set that in webmaster tools. Should it be focused on TH? I’m not sure. I haven’t looked at traffic from USA or UK versus TH traffic. It may be a bad idea to focus just on TH traffic – there may be much more traffic if I focused it on USA. The Google adsense would show ads for that traffic too -and probably the amount would increase. That’s an experiment you’d want to try. There’s no penalty for switching the focus in Webmaster tools – and switching it back. That I know of…

Reason for Selling

ThaiPulse was never meant to be a major earning source for us. We wanted to share what the amazing country of Thailand was like with other visitors and expats. With nearly 4 million page views – we’ve given people a lot to look at.

Quite honestly over the past 11 years I’ve been building websites and online businesses, I’ve exhausted myself. My new passion is writing books. We’re going to sell all, or nearly all of our websites, in order to fund the period of time where we’re making almost nothing from writing books. A risky venture maybe?

Questions & Offers

NOTE – everything above was written in 2010. The site stil has high page and domain authority and can easily rank for subjects about Thailand – as you write new pages.

Contact for more info.

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