What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

Traveling in Thailand

Traveling around Thailand is rather easy.

Bangkok – I use a combination of all that is available. Buses, taxis, vans, motorbike taxis, sky train, all of it.

In a hurry – travel on the motorbike taxi. I always fear for my knees – so I squeeze the guy driving like I’m his favorite lover. I know, rather disgusting, but, I’m not losing one of my knees to a car side-view mirror.

Motorbike taxis are cheap, they are super fast, and they are dangerous. I’ve not had an accident on one, nor have I heard of anyone else having an accident on one. But, it must happen frequently. I’d not ride one with your kids.

Small Cities – I use motorbike taxis mostly because, again, they are fast. The traffic is less and it’s much less dangerous to travel on motorsai taxi in a small city than it is in Bangkok.

Getting Across the Country – I use trains, NEVER buses. I have seen more bad bus accidents than I can count. Just 2 weeks ago before we drove to Surat in the car-  there in the middle of the highway was an upside down double-decker tourist bus with all the windows smashed out of it. Must have been a HORRIBLE thing to go through. I’ll never go through it because I never, ever take a long-trip bus. Short local, in-town buses -yes, sure. The problem with long-travel buses is that the drivers are over-worked and don’t sleep enough – so they sleep at the wheel while driving. There are frequently big crashes where 10 – 40 people die on buses that go overnight. Don’t ever take an overnight bus.

Traveling Yourself – rent a motorbike if you’re confident you can drive it well, or a car at the airport. I wouldn’t suggest ever renting something to drive yourself in Bangkok – but, just about anywhere else – sure, why not?

Travel in Thailand can be monotonous, like anywhere. I prefer to leave the driving to someone else – unless I’m staying in one town -then I’ll either bring our car – or, rent a motorbike or car there – depending on if my family is traveling with me or not.

Travel by Train – this is the way to go for overnight trips. Very safe. Very comfortable when you get the 1st or 2nd class sleeper trains. If you have never gone by train – you should definitely try in Thailand – it’s a blast. I enjoy the heck out of it.

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