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Visit Thailand During Low Season!

The best time visit Thailand is during the low season – about May through November. Many travelers that come during this time repeat every year because the experience is so enjoyable.

Here are some great reasons to visit Thailand during low season:

1. Great Deals Can be Found!

Airfare, accommodations, automobile or motorbike rentals, food and nearly everything drops in price during the low season.

2. The Weather in Southern Thailand is at It’s Best.

Southern Thailand has the best weather during this time, 67 to 90 degrees, and it’s not in the peak of the rainy season.

3. Traffic

Traffic has become almost reasonable in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

4. School is In

Thai children are back to school (until a one-month October break).

5. Parts of Thailand are Cool

It’s likely the hottest time of year where you are, but parts of Thailand might be cooler than your country.

6. Easier to Schedule a Holiday

You might find it easier to take a holiday from work when few co-workers are traveling.

7. More Time to Enjoy the Moment

Less visitors in Thailand means less time you spend traveling between locations, and more time enjoying right where you’re at.

8. It’s Low Season All Over Asia!

If you consider Thailand as your main hub for traveling to neighboring Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia or Vietnam, you’re in luck because it’s low season in those countries, too!

9. Relaxation

A visit to Thailand during the low season allows you to relax – you know, like you’re supposed to do on vacation.

10. Thailand’s Friendly Locals are at Their Best

You’ll see the best in Thai people as they, too, can relax during the slower season.

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