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Unique Krabi Tours – Exclusive

Sunny Krabi January weather is typical
Krabi is usually sunny and so beautiful during December through May of each year. Come to Krabi during these months and you’ll see the best weather we have in the province!

There are a number of tours we offer that are exclusive, no other tour company has them. We have listed them below. If interested, just contact us HERE (click)

To reserve your Tours, reply to this email and tell us exact dates you’d like for each Tour. Tours start in the morning unless stated.


These are uncrowded, unique Krabi tours that you cannot find anywhere else.

1. WILDLIFE TOUR #1 – Night – 2.5 hours – suitable for almost anyone. Slow loris, frogs, snakes, geckos, lizards. Tour starts at 7 pm., ends at 9:30 pm. This tour is located in a remote location outside Krabi Town by 20km on the edge of primary rainforest. There is a wide variety of habitat. There are bungalows at the resort for 600-800 THB for one night. Highly suggested. Food is excellent and reasonably priced. Resort manager and family give outstanding service.

TOTAL: 3,900 THB for 1-2 people. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

2. WILDLIFE TOUR #2 – Night – 6 hours (hill climb – fit adults). Geckos, lizards, snakes. Tour starts just before 4 pm. Ends at 10 pm. Includes transportation from hotel in Ao Nang. If in Krabi Town, let us know. This is a rather intense climb of 3.7km to the peak, and then a slow walk down to find wildlife.

TOTAL: 6,900 THB for 1 person, 7,900 for 2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

3. WILDLIFE TOUR #3 – Night – 3 hours – suitable for anyone. Slow loris, frogs, snakes, geckos, lizards. Tour starts at 7 pm. and ends at about 10 pm. This is an easy 4 km walk in the cool of the night.

TOTAL: 4,900 THB for 1-2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

4. CAVE #1 – Secret Tour, 2-3 hours, rarely explored! This is a new cave tour for us, and it is remarkable. The cave has an underground entrance and goes in a few hundred meters. It is massive. There is always some water to wade through. Not for beginners, but if you’re very adventurous, you’ll make it through.

TOTAL: 4,900 THB for 1 person, 6,900 for 2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

5. CAVE #2 – Dry walk around, 1-1.5 hours, Suitable for almost anyone. This cave tour was fairly common for a while, but then most tour companies dropped it from their list. We love it because the setting is so amazing. It requires a short, steep climb up to the entrance that won’t be for everyone. Fit people only, please. We find toads, geckos, and the occasional snake. There is a freshwater stream to sit in for a bit if you bring a change of clothes.

TOTAL: 2,900 THB for 1-2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

6. RIVER KAYAK – Unguided, 2-4 hours, Birds and Snakes. Suitable for most people. This tour depends on the tides, so it isn’t 100% every day. If interested, let us know and we’ll see if we can put you on the water. This is in Krabi Town.

TOTAL: 2,900 THB for 1 person, 4,900 for 2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

7. JUNGLE TREK – 3-4 hours, climbing to viewpoint. This trek starts in the morning and goes through rubber tree plantation along a stream before heading up into the primary forest. There is a considerable climb to reach the viewpoint, but most people will be able to do it. This is not a fast tour, it is at a slow pace.

TOTAL: 2,800 THB for 1 person, 3,800 for 2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people.

8. MOUNTAIN CLIMB TREK – Dry season only. 7-8 hours climbing, camp overnight, trek down next morning. A climb up Krabi’s highest mountain peak (1,400 meters) takes considerable effort and all supplies must be carried by participants. Starts about 9 am. and ends the following day in the afternoon. Tents or hammocks are set up at the top of this mountain. A fire is lit, and you can cook something if you like, or bring food which doesn’t need to be cooked.

TOTAL: 8,900 THB for 1 person, 11,900 for 2 persons. Email for a custom price if more than 2 people. Tour available only during the dry season (December to May) and dry weather must precede the trek.


1. WATER FUN – CRYSTAL POOL and HOT SPRING – Natural Spring-fed Pools (2 stops). The most popular tour in Krabi, outside of Phi Phi Island and Railay Tours. Very crowded, but the walk to the pools is nice. Don’t miss the blue pool, a short walk from the main Crystal Pool. Ideal for anyone who can walk about 1 kilometer on a path in the hot jungle. About 55 km from Krabi Town, many people take motorbikes or another vehicle themselves. Park fees are 200 THB per person for either park and there is a discount if you go to both the same day.

TOTAL: 1,800 per adult. 1,200 per child under 12.

2. TIGER CAVE TEMPLE – Climb to viewpoint (difficult). Fun for everyone, kids too! You might not think you want to see a Buddhist temple while in Krabi, but you shouldn’t miss this one, even though it is very crowded, it’s an absolutely gorgeous view from the top of the 280-meter high mountain you climb 1,256 steps up to see. Macaques (monkeys) here, which sometimes bite. Please don’t feed them or stare at them too closely.

TOTAL: 1,200 per adult. 900 per child under 12. Your best bet for this one is to just take a car or motorbike here yourself and save the fee. It’s free!

3. WATERFALL and TIGER CAVE TEMPLE (2-stops). All year the waterfall has enough water and offers a cool place to swim. There are a few levels you can climb up to. It’s very steep. This gets crowded during high season (November – May).

TOTAL: 1,900 per adult. 1,200 per child under 12.

4. FOUR ISLAND LONGTAIL BOAT TOUR – 1/2 Day. A longtail boat takes you around to four popular islands off Ao Nang Beach. You can snorkel and swim. Ideal for anyone, any age.

TOTAL: 1,600 per adult. 900 per child under 12.

* * * *


If you would like to reserve your place in one or more Tours – send us a note HERE (click) and we’ll send you payment details to send your deposit (25%). If you cannot make a deposit, we can take your name and make a tentative reservation. Keep in mind, unpaid reservations can be bumped (lost) by others who pay the deposit to guarantee their Tour reservation.

Have a Great Vacation! Sawasdee Ka!


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