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Thailand Video of the Week – Scorpion Handling

I’ve not seen anyone else this comfortable handling a scorpion. This guy has no fear of it. I was tempted a couple of times to pick it up by the stinger, as both of the guys in the video did – but, I had a bad experience eating a scorpion, and I’m still not sure that if one bit me I wouldn’t die from lack of breath because of it.

I ate one I bought at a market in Sisaket (video is below). After that I went running. I started sweating profusely – way too early in the run. My legs were sweating like water was running out of them. I was also salivating like a sick dog. I was spitting every couple seconds. Then my breathing started to get bad… then real bad. I started walking – I had another 1km to walk just to get out of the park and to my motorbike. I made it back to the apartment we were staying in and tried to tell my wife to get me to the hospital. My face was all swollen up and she could see I was obviously on death’s door. My breathing was down to about 10% of normal at that time – and I just couldn’t force more air into my chest. A scary time…

Anyway – at the hospital – Sisaket public hospital, they were a bit too slow in deciding what to do when I screamed –

“I can’t fucking breathe – give me something to help.”

That got them in gear and after a breather thing and some anti-histamines in an IV I was rather OK and the symptoms slowly went away and I could breathe again.

Funny thing about not being able to breathe – losing face goes right out the fucking window…

Here’s the video of me eating the scorpion:

Here’s my dumbass in the hospital. Sorry, the video is taken with like a 1.2MP Nokia phone. I was completely out of it and didn’t really make sense.

Here’s the guy handling the scorpion like it’s a toy…


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