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What To Do in Krabi, Thailand? Wat Theprattan!

Unique Krabi Things to Do - Wat Thep Rattan - Unseen Thailand
Maybe 100 tourists have seen this temple per year. If you come, add a 50 THB donation to one of the donation buckets, it will go a long way here!

If you are wondering – what to do in Krabi that nobody else really does? – “See Krabi” has numerous attractions listed that you may not find on ANY OTHER tour site. This small Buddhist temple with some small caves to explore is one place you will not find on the tourist circuit. You won’t likely see any other foreigners there, and it is still a rather well-kept secret. We found it while exploring small temples one time.

Wat Thep Rattan is a very small temple that prior to this year was visited only by a very small handful of people that followed a decrepit sign leading down a 2 km dirt road and had no signs where to turn for the temple. Some local expats knew about it – because we wrote about it on Thaipulse.com about four years ago after exploring the dirt road and finding it nestled at the bottom of towering limestone rock faces!

Now the temple is having some work done to it and modernizing. I don’t see it as a good thing – preferring its old charm, but, such is life. Nothing stays the same – it’s part of Buddhist truth, right?

Wat Thep Rattan Temple & Caves Video

Where is this Buddhist Temple?

There is a map below with the exact location of this Buddhist temple. Basically, you go up the same road as the road leading to Khao Phanombencha National park. This is the same park with Huay Toh (Huai To, on some signs) waterfall. After making the left hand turn from Highway 4 leading to Huay Toh, you go about 2.5km and you’ll see the sign that the video starts with. If you don’t see that sign – they only last about 6 months – you can also find it with the following guidance…

Go up the road leading to Huay Toh waterfall. At about 2km you’ll cross a very small bridge. Within 200m will be a small school on your right side. The wall around the school and the school itself has been painted purple in the past. Not sure that it will still be purple – so don’t let that define the place. It is, I think, the ONLY school on that road on the right side though.

When you see this school, look on your left for the road – it is partially paved now, and partially dirt further down it. Watch the video to give you a better idea. It’s a gradual left turn that goes straight back into rubber tree plantations and a section where they dynamite limestone karst for material to make concrete.

Map for finding Wat Promthep Rattanporn Temple and Caves in Krabi, Thailand:

View Krabi Places of Interest for Visitors in a larger map

Just zoom out to start figuring out where you are in Krabi.

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Of course, don’t miss Tiger Cave Temple, the most popular and largest temple with the most things to do in Krabi.

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